16 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands for Women 2020 | The Strategist

Photo: Mara Hoffman

When it comes to clothing, the best way to be truly sustainable is to buy secondhand. But if you’re looking for something new, sustainable fashion brands can be a solid choice for reducing your carbon footprint and ensuring that the people making your jeans, dresses, and bags are treated fairly. The problem: The process by which brands get to call themselves sustainable is largely unregulated. With the growing demand for sustainably made clothing, the term is thrown around pretty loosely.

So what does sustainable mean when it comes to fashion? Kristy Drutman, host of the podcast Brown Girl Green, says it prioritizes both environmental and social responsibility throughout the life span of a garment, from raw materials all the way to how long a piece of clothing will last in your closet. According to Haley Boyd, an expert on sustainable fashion sourcing, some brands are going as far as disclosing the wage of the lowest paid worker in their supply chain.

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