Expert’s Guide for Maintaining Good Watches like Frederique Constant

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The majority of the population uses or own a watch. Whether it’s a vintage Rolex, a rare Patek or just a simple, brand-less watch from China, it is essential to keep your timepiece in tip-top shape. Here are some tips on how to maintain your watches properly.

Store it in the right place

Moisture, dust, pressure, and magnet are the main enemies of watches. They are not called the “Four Horsemen of Watch Apocalypse” for nothing. Find a dry place with controlled temperature to store your watches. Humidity can quickly get inside your watches and messes with the gears and springs and eventually will lead to rust. You should also avoid storing your watches with intense lighting. Constant exposure to light can cause aging even for watches. For example, a black colored dial can change to dark brown if exposed to too much light.

Get insurance for all the valuable items

Brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Hublot or Tag Heuer costs a fortune. Only 5% of the population (give or take) can afford these luxury items. Most of these watches costs at least $50,000 and up. Imagine an uninsured item that costs that much just sitting in your living room. It would be a waste of money if you lost that piece of jewelry. We usually get insurance for big items like cars and houses, but we typically take for granted jewelry like watches, rings, and necklaces. Most of these jewelry costs more than most cars and even houses, and jewelry is the number one target of thieves. With this in mind, we should always consider buying an insurance policy for our jewelry or store it in a safe place like a personal safe or bank vaults. To add extra protection, you can list all the serial numbers and take photographs of your watches. Insurance companies will ask for serial numbers anyways, so you have to do it if you want to get insurance for your watches.

Do you need all the expensive watches?

Gold Rolex, Frederique Constant watches, Patek Philippe, Seiko, Citizen, and Fossil. These watches tell time, but some of them cost $10,000 and some only costs $100. They are all the same, watches. Brand doesn’t matter unless you are a watch collector or an aficionado. Age is also a factor that that determines how people choose a watch. Teenagers (Age 15-20) prefers a fashionable watch over craftsmanship. As long as it is fashionable even if it is inexpensive, they will wear it. Early to late 20’s people prefers functional watches, an all in one device. A watch with calendar, weather update, tells time in two places and very durable. People ages 30-50 are more about the craftsmanship and the brand. These are the people who buy ridiculous priced watches since most of them have high paying jobs and can easily afford it. Older people ages 60 and up don’t usually mind how much their watches worth, or they don’t care anymore at all.

Regular maintenance

Watches …


Could Solar Powered Wearables be the Next Big Thing?

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Wearable technology is still a market that is really in its infancy. Only in the past few years has technology allowed for real, useful designs, brought about by tiny chips and Bluetooth tracking such as Intel’s Curie. Some designs of the past few years have been clunky and inept, and at worst completely useless (smart socks that track your workout, anyone?). But as tech advances and becomes ever more integrated, we are beginning to see the birth of some very interesting wearable tech.

However, as amazing as all of this might be, it’s still plagued by the same issue as always, power. It’s one area where significant money has been poured with only slight incremental results, not the large leap that people want. Yes, we have Lithium Ion batteries now that are much smaller and slimmer than ever before, and hold 3.6% more charge than the last version (or some inane marketing number), but if someone can really crack energy storage then technology in general will take huge leaps forward, not just wearable tech.

Could it be that solar power is the answer? As strange as it sounds, the first smart watch that claims to be completely powered by a small solar panel that makes up the dial of the watch, has just been released. The LunaR was a crowdfunded project that created the first solar powered watch, mainly thanks to some pioneering French photovoltaic technology. Other brands such as Fossil and Hugo Boss Black watches have been looking at incorporating PV technology in their watches, but LunaR is the first to be completely powered by the sun.

As well as a clever transparent PV dial that harvests both natural and artificial light, the LunaR also has a companion app that gives you a range of handy digital features such as pedometer, notifications and a daily ‘sunlight exposure goal’. With only 1 hour of sunlight required to power the watch, less than 10 lux, this actually seems like a viable option for a solar powered watch, and it really begs the question – why isn’t anyone else doing it?…


Gift Synonyms, Gift Antonyms

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