4 New Year Mystery Shopping Resolutions

Resolution #1: I will group assignments together

Time management is very important. You want to make sure you get the most shops if you are going to be in a local mall or a major shopping strip. Don’t waste time and gas by having to go back to the same location twice.

In such situations, accept the lower paying job, especially if it an easy shop that will add $7 to $12 on top of your other higher-paying shops.

Resolution #2: I will use a map

Work out the best possible route if you have a number of assignments to complete close to each other. Yahoo and Google will map out directions so you can get from one location to another without wasting time.

Resolution #3: I will take on more service assignments

Service shops and dinner restaurant shops tend to pay higher reimbursements. This includes gyms, clubs, car dealerships, financial services, fast food and other retail outlets.

Yes, these assignments are more complex because of the narratives that have to be completed, but you know what, the more practice you get at this the easier it gets.

Resolution #4: I will establish a relationship with my Mystery Shopping Company

If you think that the best bet is to register with as many mystery shopping companies as possible, you are wrong. Pick a maximum of 3 mystery shopping companies you are comfortable with and establish a good relationship with them. Prove that you are a credible, reliable shopper and they will turn to you when an urgent assignment or canceled assignment has to be completed, without competition from other shoppers.

In fact, if you do accept that rush assignment, they will be ever grateful to you.

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