5 Bridal fashion tips to learn from it

In a wedding that went viral this week, we had Neha Kakkar marrying the love of her life, Rohan Preet Singh. The big fat wedding held in Chandigarh saw all kinds of celebrations. Just like all the Bollywood celebs lately, the singer and songwriter went all out with her wedding festivities. From all the pre-wedding functions to two wedding ceremonies, Neha Kakkar had it all. The entire internet went berserk over her stunning outfit choices and dance videos from her ceremonies. However, what stole our attention completely was her wedding trousseau and everything that came before and after that. So, if you’re planning to marry anytime soon, we have all the right tips you can learn from Neha Kakkar.

Colour Away

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Neha distinguished her wedding attire in terms of colour and occasion and to be honest, that’s the best and easiest way to go about it. You know how complicated picking the right outfit can be, especially when you have a plethora of options to choose from. Narrowing it down to colour and occasion will leave you enough room and time to think about the other things that matter. 

Simplicity is the way to go

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Just because you’re a bride does not mean you have to go all out. Learn from Neha’s haldi wardrobe and see how even the simplest of chiffon sarees can make a statement. When you have colours all around you and matching with your future hubby is anyways going to elevate the look, make sure to keep things simple once in a while! 

Solid hues

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Another colour story we loved in Neha’s wedding wardrobe was that she let each colour have its moment without going all out with clour-blocking. For the Sikh ceremony, she wore all pink while her evening wedding saw all red. She did not let colours get mixed up which made her wedding wardrobe even more stunning! 

Balance is key

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Even while she kept going simple with her wardrobe, there were times when she went all out. Now, while doing so, it is important to balance out the elements. When you have a colourful attire, make sure you do not go overboard with the makeup, hair and jewellery. Here, we loved the fact that Kakkar let her lehenga do the talking and kept the blouse simple. While being a bride, it is very important to know when to stop and what elements to skip. 

Stick to your classics


Another expert tip we’d like to give here is – stick to classic elements for hair and makeup. If you opt for trendy makeup looks and hairstyles, you’ll barely like the photos and videos a few years later. Your wedding is something you would want to cherish for a lifetime and make sure to do that while picking up everything from your trousseau to your makeup that lasts forever. We personally loved the way Neha kept her makeup to a minimum and stuck to what looks good on her instead of going all out with sparkly elements.

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neha kakkar wedding

We love that she opted for fresh flowers in her hair and it literally will never go out of style!

What are your thoughts about it? Do you like Neha’s wedding wardrobe? Let us know in the comments section below.

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