A Guide to Current Beach Fashion – It’s Not About Rompers and Swimsuits

Table of Contents

By: Bikini Luxe

I love spending time at the beach but only for about thirty minutes. Once the thirty minutes are up, I am bored with the scene. I am not a true beach-lover who will lie on the sand for hours working on a tan. The ironic thing is that I can tan quite quickly. If you place me in the sun for ten minutes, I will have a tan line. The people that have this ability often do not want it, and those that lack it want it more than anything else. Isn’t that the way of the world?

Now, without any further ado, let us return to the topic of beach fashion.

1. Beach Clothing

Contrary to popular belief, beach clothing and style are not restricted to rompers and bikinis exclusively. Of course, the type of beach clothing worn will depend greatly on your beach activities. For example, if you are tanning and planning on taking a dip in the ocean, then you will need a swimsuit; however, if you are travelling you will be able to wear a skirt, dress or other cute clothes.

When packing for a beach-front holiday, it is recommended that you search for beach attire that will look attractive both on and off the beach. While an off-the-shoulder swimsuit may be cute, you will not spend all of your time on the sand, and this outfit is not necessarily the ideal option for a visit to the town centre.

The photos above were taken at sunrise in South Beach, Miami. After capturing these images, we spent time walking along an empty beach exploring more of South Beach and capturing shots of the idyllic seaside town. In this photograph, I am wearing a cute spaghetti-strap patterned dress with ankle-strap sandals and ‘fun’ jewellery. The outfit is comfortable, cute and a suitable option to wear at all times.

2. Beach Fashion Advice

� Wear Sandals

When heading to the seaside for a holiday, it is important that you opt for a pair of sandals. There are various types of sandals and you can opt for anything you desire ranging from classic Havaianas to a classier style (as seen in the image above). Be aware of what you will be doing during the day and how long you will spend on your feet. Remember that comfort is essential, so try to avoid uncomfortable shoes when travelling through a seaside town. I was considering wearing a pair of wedge shoes with this dress, but that would be unrealistic and uncomfortable.

� Use Natural Jewellery

Instead of wearing lots of statement jewellery with several gemstones, it is recommended that you opt for the natural jewellery look. I chose to wear beaded bracelets in ‘beach-y’ tones during my holiday with some pieces available in natural shapes, such as a leaf bracelet and necklace.

� Always Wear Sunglasses

It is essential that you have a pair of sunglasses available AND wear them. In addition to shielding your eyes from a blazing sun, you will be able to use them to hide tired eyes. Travelling can be hard on the body and sleep patterns may vary. If you are not catching any Z’s because of partying or jet lag, a large pair of sunglasses is crucial!

� Consider The Beach Dress

If you are all about wearing the ‘itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini’, then good for you. However, if you are searching for a more reserved look on the beach it would be best to opt for a printed dress or caftan. When packing, you should look for clothing that can be layered over a swimsuit, but also comfortable enough to wear all day. Dresses are ideal options for this situation.

� The Sunhat

To protect your face from the sun and look stylish, it is recommended that you wear a sunhat. I am not wearing a sunhat in the above image, but here is a beach outfit with a hat to offer some visual ideas. As you can see, I enjoy layering and will always have the option of covering up.