A Look At The Three Dots Clothing Company

There are few clothing companies that have done as well as the Three Dots clothing company when it comes to the issue of popularizing its cloths among the women. This is because the company has focused its efforts towards developing a strong brand that is able to deliver when it comes to the issues of style, affordability and comfort. In this particular article today, we are going to focus our energies towards exploring the various things that define this particular company. Once you have these things in perspective, it is now possible for you to make a sober and independent decision on whether or not you should buy the products that have been designed and made by this particular company.

A Brief History

In 1995, Sharon Lebon, together with some extra hands, set up the Three Dots company in the state of California. Despite the fact that there were many clothing lines that were in the market at that particular time, the founders were convinced of the fact that there was still some potential market for these cloths. Initially, the number of the styles that the company explored was only three and the number of colors that were being explored at that particular time were actually limited to 12. The company’s model proved to be extremely successful and the same trend has been maintained up to this particular point.

Made In USA

The Three Dots clothing company’s products that are being sold in the US are all made in the USA at the corporate headquarters of the company that is located at Garden Groove in California. All the work that relates to designing, sewing, cutting and so on are all done locally in the United States of America.


As you probably know already, the Three Dots clothing company is one that focuses on the production of apparels. However, unlike many clothing lines that you probably know about, most of the cloths that are sold here focus on the ladies’ market. However, there are still other models that are meant for the men and the kids such as the mélange French terry shorts, the Henley thermal tee, the baseball Henley and so on.

All in all, it is still very important to make sure that I bring out the fact that the Three Dots clothing company is an extremely stable one and which is focused on producing high quality products.

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