Beauty Crew

Signal as much as receive our greatest ideas, workouts, recipes, and more. It is an appreciation of the mathematical beauty of nature, of how she works inside; a realization that the phenomena we see result from the complexity of the inside workings between atoms; a sense of how dramatic and fantastic it is. It is a feeling of awe — of scientific awe — which I felt may very well be communicated by a drawing to someone who had also had this emotion.

Les beautés chaudes”, chaleureuses l’entretiennent dans le regard et l’esprit de l’autre, car elles sont vivantes… En fait pour moi la beauté, au-delà du premier regard, c’est le sourire, l’épanouissement et la paix (ou à peu près) avec soi, l’empathie.

Males often love ladies which can be working on their inter selves with dedication and so they react to that greater than cloths or makeup… With all that said one can age into ones self with grace, and what ever comes up as we see the mirror and see, all the strains in new places, we just work on the inter turmoil that comes up and as we do, we are launched from the need to be responded to via our cloths and appears….

Quand j’y pense rares sont nos mamans qui se sont maquillées avec du fond de teint mais plutôt des fards a paupières et du rouge à lèvres rouge flash, et en même temps le produit n’était ni à la mode ou démocratisé pour les carnations noires, c’est avec le temps, le progrès que ce produit réservé à des fins professionnels s’est ouvert à tout le monde.

I had a theoretical reverence and homage for beauty, class, gallantry, fascination; however had I met these qualities incarnate in masculine form, I ought to have recognized instinctively that they neither had nor could have sympathy with something in me, and will have shunned them as one would fireplace, lightning, or the rest that’s vibrant but antipathetic.

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