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Hey Merbabes! Printed by local studio Sonnenzimmer , the posters were made with paper recycled from Ivanka Trump’s books. A lover of worldwide trends and their interpretation within the Indian fashion scene paperwork her style on her fashion blog. You would possibly already be doing this, but since I plan my pictures on my feed days ahead of time, I really write all my captions and hashtags for every photo in my notes.

The Fashion Design diploma programme at Politecnico di Milano trains fashion designers: not isolated artists expressing their talent, but designers who’re inspired of their initiatives and of their occupation by the relationship with the fashion system and its protagonists.

Per il comfort dei miei piedi mi sono rivolta sempre a ROSEGAL dove posso trovare tutto ciò che di più fashion può piacere ad una donna, ho scelto delle CIABATTINE in pelliccia morbida coloration amaranto come la blusa e come il colore del mio bagno. Natural kei takes influences from many storybook characters from Little House on the Prairie, The Secret Garden, and Anne of Green Gables.

Les fauves sont lâchés chez Versace Des représentations de guépard, mais aussi des motifs animaliers, des dorures, du baroque, des têtes de méduse, des imprimés foulard et une multitude de tartans british dans des couleurs vives, mixés selon une brillante cacophonie.

I have plenty of fall developments I wish to show you, but I did not have time to kind them and edit them yet. ) , je ne ressens aucune douleur au niveau de l’oreille grâce à son embout “memoire de forme” ni de “fatigue” du tympan grâce à un son de qualité. Use them as a place to begin while you’re buying loose diamonds The most effective methods to make certain about your selection of diamonds is to be taught as much as you can and to belief your eyes.…



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I can hardly consider that tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Avec un bon équilibre entre maisons de luxe, marques indépendantes et son lot de nouveaux créateurs, il devrait y en avoir pour tous les goûts avec même quelques surprises : John Galliano présentera pour la première fois sa vision de l’homme Maison Margiela, Vetements fera un défilé shock hors-calendrier et la maison britannique Dunhill défilera à Paris, tout comme Alexander McQueen comme la saison dernière.

Lignes de prêt-à-porter, chaussures, accessoires ou encore dernières pièces iconiques de maroquinerie sont exposés au sein d’écrins de prestige. Rendre le travail moins pénible pour plus de résultats. Le système de Fashioncart s’adapte à vos besoins en vous permettant d’utiliser les modules de boutique en ligne et de vente en gros conjointement ou individuellement, et ce, à l’aide d’une interface de gestion centralisée.

The key I’ve realised is to keep discovering and maintain permutating, whereas at the identical time dressing in accordance with what ‘feels right’. Ensuite, je porte un jean noir basique et une chemise à rayures bleue marine en rappel avec la couleur de ma veste.

Here’s to the ladies who drank endlessly with me, cried with me when I had pre-marital anxiousness (or any other type of anxiety because it’s me we’re talking about), made me really feel like nothing mattered more than my big day, made me realise that whereas I might have discovered my soulmate almost 6 years in the past, there have also been these soul sisters round, regular as rocks from earlier than he was and gave me a vacation that would give any that follows, a run for it is cash.

Wikipedia® est une marque déposée de la Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. , organisation de bienfaisance régie par le paragraphe 501(c)(three) du code fiscal des États-Unis. MILAN AV-JC c’est un projet R&D qui à des fins écologiques, remet en cause les principes traditionnels de conception et démontre qu’il est aujourd’hui attainable grâce à la technologie de créer des vêtements sans générer la moindre chute de tissu.…


Makeup And Prom Dresses: Which Side Of You To Express

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It’s that particular and time of the year that is so craved for throughout the school. When it comes to prom, it’s hard to define which side of your personality should be expressed through beauty and fashion. In this article we selected ideal looks, and the Prom Dresses that suit them best, according to the list published by The Telegraph in What to wear for prom: 9 style tribes to inspire your look; you decide which one to take home:

Natural Look

This option is perfect for those who want to add a little extra to their face with makeup, without being “too much”.  Natural makeup is an excellent juvenile approach and fits perfectly with almost any dress pattern or time of day in which your school celebrates the dance. Thewhole look includes:

  • Blush: You can apply bronzer under your cheekbones, and on top of that, highlighter; this will give a natural effect to your makeup but with a touch of definition and color.
  • Eyes: Apply a shadow in beige tone, outline your eyes on the inside of the eye, both upper and lower, either in black or dark brown and finalize it applying mascara.
  • Lips: To complete the makeup you can employ a gloss, beige or light pink. On the other hand, you can also use lipstick instead or make a fusion of both to make your lips ‘ pop’.

The Prom Dresses designs that combine the most with a natural makeup are:

  • “A” Cut: For a glamorous and hyper-feminine silhouette; these gowns usually have a slit at the height of the hip. It is a super flattering cut that will make any body-type to look, and you will always be comfortable when using it since it. As an example, we have the beautiful models of the JVN by Jovani brand, such as the Blush Flowy Plunging V Neck Mesh Prom Dress.

Monochromatic design of a beautiful coral shade; it highlights your best attributes as well as makes you shine.


It’s a fun look, you can play with colors and step-up your eyes and lips game, depending on the range you are using or that best suits your skin tone! Thiskindofmakeupischaracterizedby:

  • Blush: If your skin is huddled or brown you can apply pink. It should not be excessively charged.
  • Eyes: For this look, you can omit the shadow and merely outline your eyes with some vibrant color such as blue, green or violet.
  • Lips: Add the last touch of color to your lips with a matte tone and sparkly chapstick on top.

The perfect dress for this look could go by the lines of:

  • Mermaid cut: This cut is a fitted cut but at the same time mega flattering; these dresses are for elegant purposes as they are always long and have a very particular tail style. Mermaid design accentuates the female figure, and in at knee height, it slits, resembling precisely the tail of a mermaid.

For this, you have gowns such as the Green V …


Fashion Worries

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What began off as an project to move to Jaipur for the Jaipur Jewellery Design Festival (an offshoot of the Jaipur Jewelry Show) was a visit that was as a lot about beautiful jewellery as it was about digging into our heritage via Jaipur. I prefer to imagine a world where everybody is inspired to pursue their dreams; yes, doses of reality are essential and it may be much more damaging to set folks as much as fail, but being supported and cheerlead is so vital to selling self-confidence and helping folks actualize their objectives and goals.

April Calahan, co-writer of Fashion and The Artwork of Pochoir, shall be this yr’s Friday Keynote speaker on Friday, October 21st from 10:30-eleven:30am. L’ensemble est minimaliste. This weblog post was written in collaboration with John Lewis, all styling, selections, phrases and opinions are my very own.

Lignes de prêt-à-porter, chaussures, accessoires ou encore dernières pièces iconiques de maroquinerie sont exposés au sein d’écrins de prestige. Rendre le travail moins pénible pour plus de résultats. Le système de Fashioncart s’adapte à vos besoins en vous permettant d’utiliser les modules de boutique en ligne et de vente en gros conjointement ou individuellement, et ce, à l’aide d’une interface de gestion centralisée.

Trying again on your entire yr, I can not say there were a number of initiatives being completed till Mark and I moved into our present house, but a lot of massive events occurred, that’s for certain. All photos are the property of Damien DUFOUR, fashion magnificence and advertising photographer.

The unisex jumpsuit—which has been worn by at the very least two couples in their weddings—is bought in response to a sizing system “that can accommodate 248 physique varieties,” with movies accessible on-line to help potential wearers decide the best fit.…


Tant Qu’il Y Aura Des Hommes

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Love Cloth is a fashion, travel & lifestyle weblog written by Kim. “Evolution is real, because I feel like I am altering each day, and my look reflects that.” Newly out of a “pirate-cowboy” period, he’s diving head first into a “supervillain-superhero” section. Sono tormata da Pitti immagine UOMO con una consapevolezza di quale direzione prendere in questo mondo dorato.

Mises en avant par le biais d’aménagements soignés, les pièces de créateurs doivent, au sein de chaque boutique en propre, inspirer les clients et correspondre à leurs besoins et leurs envies. When life takes over and sunny summer days are maintaining you away from the pc these “breaks” start to occur.

Il y a eût un problème de la validation du formulaire, veuillez réessayer. They attend workshops in cooperation with leading fashion corporations and at the identical time they deepen their knowledge on the analysis on new materials. And I’m now inspired to by no means let fashion be stopped in my life.

Si vous voulez un bain de toutes les couleurs, cette boule de bain est faite pour vous! It is as a result of that day we had our justifiable share of surprises- from the meals we tried to the artists we decided on the last minute to go examine on smaller levels. Ce fil contenant les dernières actualités qui vous intéressent est l’endroit où vous passerez la majeure partie de votre temps.

Pour évaluer une vidé, vous devez la louer. Pour finir, cette tenue portée par Bella Hadid est vraiment ma préférée!! These gladiator sandals have been a life-saver for dressier circumstances, as they might fit my ever-increasing feet and camouflaged them on the identical time.…


Retro Flame

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ECO PLEASANT FASHION is a web based portal providing individuals with considerate, sustainable methods to slow down and make more conscious selections. Even biologically” gendered people, i.e. those falling into the standard ”male” and female” categories, are appearing, even unconsciously, in ways far removed from traditional patterns: girls have gotten more assertive, whereas gents are allowed to indicate their emotions and display their female” aspect.

In an entire and thrilling instructional path, one can tailor one’s studies in numerous fields, comparable to attire, jewellery, accessory, knitwear, sportswear or additional evaluation of the distribution process, of retail and of visible merchandising.

Pauvre en jeunes créateurs débutants pour boucher les trous du calendrier, Milan est particulièrement touché par ces désertions. New York based mostly interior designer & Way of life Information Editor. This post is just a little different than most, I structured it to provde the ability to build an identical look, by mixing and matching items I have picked out for you.

Nous aimons jouer avec les couleurs, les imprimés, loin des critères établis. Nadam se da ćete imati priliku provesti ovaj Božić sa svojim voljenima, te da ćete im dati poklon koji će zauvijek cijeniti. Having always checked out jewelry from a shopper’s perspective, it was the most novel expertise to grasp it from a design perspective.

Their type is colorful and vibrant, generally similar to decora, but often way more toned down. Gordon Kendall, who can be presenting with Alexandra Sargent on Friday, October 21st from 2:00-three:00pm at this 12 months’s Convention, authored Fashion Brand Merchandising.…


Manon Lecor

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I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving! The shades are Blossom, Prism, Rose Gold, Golden Peach, Celestial, and Gilded. In July, the Haven convention happened for the sixth 12 months and we have been thrilled with it and suppose it was the very best yr ever. Un véritable rafraîchissement pour la mode masculine.

We live exiting occasions in many senses: technologies permit us to stay in contact with folks from across the word and humanity even starts reaching for distant planets. I believe you need to invest in a coat of this lenght and color, because it is excellent to wear with both jeans and skirts, casual to formal.

Ari Seth Cohen, a previous presenter of the 2011 and 2012 Fashion Now & Then Conferences, authored Advanced Fashion: Older and Wiser. And then for those who have organized a small trip to a warmer place, an entire ruby crimson style fairly retro for lengthy dream walks by the ocean.

Printed by native studio Sonnenzimmer , the posters had been made with paper recycled from Ivanka Trump’s books. A lover of worldwide tendencies and their interpretation within the Indian fashion scene paperwork her type on her fashion blog. You might already be doing this, however since I plan my photos on my feed days forward of time, I truly write all my captions and hashtags for each photo in my notes.

Chez Allcovered, on adapte nos modèles à votre silhouette. I hope you managed to make the most of the gross sales last weekend and add some cashmere to your wardrobes. My only intention is to promote the artistic work of designers, photographers, stylists, and all the creative skills concerned within the manufacturing of other, ingenious, unusually inventive fashions for males.…


Going to the Beach? Find Your Outfit Inspiration Here!

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Summer is upon us, and that means you need to begin thinking about what you are going to wear to the beach! It doesn’t matter if you are just going for the day or if you have a week-long vacation planned, there are a number of amazing outfits that will help you look your best at all times.

Are you planning to go to the beach for an event, like a concert, wedding reception or a date? There are stylish beach outfits that are appropriate for these occasions. Are you interested in hanging out near the water but you don’t want to swim? Picking up a casual outfit for your trip is just what you need. And if you are planning to swim, there are a lot of different suit and cover-up options that you’ll adore.

Take these ideas and run with them; figure out an outfit that looks great, feels great and works for you.

1. Getting Dressy With It

If you want to dress up for the beach, it is all about the details. Look for clothing that has a special touch, like lacy sleeves or a colourful pattern. Wedged sandals always look good on the beach, and pick up a cute hat as well. Not only will it keep you safe from the sun, but you’ll look great at the same time.

2. Maxi Dress Perfection

Maxi dresses look amazing at the beach. If you are headed out on a date or a wedding, slip on a pair of heels to look your best. These dresses also make great cover-ups; many of the patterns fit in perfectly with the waves and sun. If its a wedding you’re going to, couple the dress with wedding hats and you will be beach wedding ready in no time!

3. Bring on the Boho

If you are spending the day at the beach, a bikini is both cool and functional. Depending on the pattern you choose, you could really embrace your boho style when you step out onto the beach. Don’t forget a loose cover-up and a straw hat, and you’ll be ready to go.

4. Get Sandy

Are you at the beach to have a good time and don’t have an issue getting wet and sandy? Pick up a tie-dye bikini; the design screams fun, and when you pair it with some denim shorts, you’ll be ready for whatever the day throws at you. To add in a bit more style, accessorize with a sun hat and bracelets as well.

5. Go Long

Full-length cover-ups are extremely popular right now. Look for a breathable material that will help you stay cool. Keep in mind that if the material is sheer, it is not going to provide any sun protection. You need to use sunscreen to keep your skin from being damaged.

6. Get Graphic

If you want to make a statement when you step out onto the beach, wear a graphic tee with a saying on it. When you …


Expert’s Guide for Maintaining Good Watches like Frederique Constant

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The majority of the population uses or own a watch. Whether it’s a vintage Rolex, a rare Patek or just a simple, brand-less watch from China, it is essential to keep your timepiece in tip-top shape. Here are some tips on how to maintain your watches properly.

Store it in the right place

Moisture, dust, pressure, and magnet are the main enemies of watches. They are not called the “Four Horsemen of Watch Apocalypse” for nothing. Find a dry place with controlled temperature to store your watches. Humidity can quickly get inside your watches and messes with the gears and springs and eventually will lead to rust. You should also avoid storing your watches with intense lighting. Constant exposure to light can cause aging even for watches. For example, a black colored dial can change to dark brown if exposed to too much light.

Get insurance for all the valuable items

Brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Hublot or Tag Heuer costs a fortune. Only 5% of the population (give or take) can afford these luxury items. Most of these watches costs at least $50,000 and up. Imagine an uninsured item that costs that much just sitting in your living room. It would be a waste of money if you lost that piece of jewelry. We usually get insurance for big items like cars and houses, but we typically take for granted jewelry like watches, rings, and necklaces. Most of these jewelry costs more than most cars and even houses, and jewelry is the number one target of thieves. With this in mind, we should always consider buying an insurance policy for our jewelry or store it in a safe place like a personal safe or bank vaults. To add extra protection, you can list all the serial numbers and take photographs of your watches. Insurance companies will ask for serial numbers anyways, so you have to do it if you want to get insurance for your watches.

Do you need all the expensive watches?

Gold Rolex, Frederique Constant watches, Patek Philippe, Seiko, Citizen, and Fossil. These watches tell time, but some of them cost $10,000 and some only costs $100. They are all the same, watches. Brand doesn’t matter unless you are a watch collector or an aficionado. Age is also a factor that that determines how people choose a watch. Teenagers (Age 15-20) prefers a fashionable watch over craftsmanship. As long as it is fashionable even if it is inexpensive, they will wear it. Early to late 20’s people prefers functional watches, an all in one device. A watch with calendar, weather update, tells time in two places and very durable. People ages 30-50 are more about the craftsmanship and the brand. These are the people who buy ridiculous priced watches since most of them have high paying jobs and can easily afford it. Older people ages 60 and up don’t usually mind how much their watches worth, or they don’t care anymore at all.

Regular maintenance

Watches …


Could Solar Powered Wearables be the Next Big Thing?

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Wearable technology is still a market that is really in its infancy. Only in the past few years has technology allowed for real, useful designs, brought about by tiny chips and Bluetooth tracking such as Intel’s Curie. Some designs of the past few years have been clunky and inept, and at worst completely useless (smart socks that track your workout, anyone?). But as tech advances and becomes ever more integrated, we are beginning to see the birth of some very interesting wearable tech.

However, as amazing as all of this might be, it’s still plagued by the same issue as always, power. It’s one area where significant money has been poured with only slight incremental results, not the large leap that people want. Yes, we have Lithium Ion batteries now that are much smaller and slimmer than ever before, and hold 3.6% more charge than the last version (or some inane marketing number), but if someone can really crack energy storage then technology in general will take huge leaps forward, not just wearable tech.

Could it be that solar power is the answer? As strange as it sounds, the first smart watch that claims to be completely powered by a small solar panel that makes up the dial of the watch, has just been released. The LunaR was a crowdfunded project that created the first solar powered watch, mainly thanks to some pioneering French photovoltaic technology. Other brands such as Fossil and Hugo Boss Black watches have been looking at incorporating PV technology in their watches, but LunaR is the first to be completely powered by the sun.

As well as a clever transparent PV dial that harvests both natural and artificial light, the LunaR also has a companion app that gives you a range of handy digital features such as pedometer, notifications and a daily ‘sunlight exposure goal’. With only 1 hour of sunlight required to power the watch, less than 10 lux, this actually seems like a viable option for a solar powered watch, and it really begs the question – why isn’t anyone else doing it?…