“Charlie’s Matrix Auto Glass” Wins Arizona Statewide Contract for Vehicle Glass Replacement, Repair, Tinting, and Accessories

TUCSON, Ariz., Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Charlie’s Matrix Auto Glass, a local family-owned automotive glass and tint company in Tucson, was awarded the Statewide Contract for Vehicle Glass Replacement, Repair, Tinting, and Accessories by the State of Arizona, commencing in October 2020. Matrix Auto Glass has informally provided car glass and tinting services for city, state, county, and other government agencies since the small-business kicked off in 2002.  

Matrix Auto Glass (CTR051872, State Procurement Office Alert), is one of three Arizona contractors selected of hundreds of vendors to be evaluated and approved by the State Procurement Office. The scope of the statewide contract allows the services to go beyond light duty / commuter vehicles, and allows for services to be also provided for larger construction equipment and heavy equipment. Owner and founder, Luis “Charlie” Corral, said:

“We weren’t just newly selected for being local, since Safelite is a national company and also received the contract award. The real reason state procurement is shining the light on Matrix is for our exemplary service and competitive pricing. That’s our advantage and we’re thankful for Governor Ducey and Andy Tobin’s authorization.”

Matrix Auto Glass specializes in emergency auto glass replacement, install, and repair. Their technicians repair all types of auto glass, windshields, and rearview mirrors. Damage can range from just cracks (or chips) to requiring full replacement, repairing broken automotive trim, failing window motors, and damaged tint. Most of the repairs are covered by comprehensive auto insurance policies, with car glass claims filed due to auto collision, car accidents, auto theft, or car vandalism.

The State Procurement Office authorizes contracts through rigorous selection of vendors that meet their criteria for nearly 400 state-based agencies to buy from. The Arizona Cooperative Program boasts over 800 members who include organizations such as cities, towns, schools, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, charities, religious / faith based organizations, and other non-profit organizations. The membership is available to all non-profit organizations, as well as State governments, the US Federal Government and Tribal Nations, with over 900 contracts in the State Purchasing Initiative.

State agencies and co-op members are free to select from any of the currently awarded contractors and encouraged to review pricing and get quotes from those listed.

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