Dark Blonde Hair Ideas Every Lady Wants To Copy

Dark blonde hair colour ranges from cooler colours to dark tones. However, they can also be warm, neutral or cool tones and anything in between. As a result of these different shades, this colour shade is versatile for all seasons and almost all skin tones.

The warmer shades are ideal for summer and spring while the neutral and cooler ones are suitable for winter and autumn.  This dark blonde hair colour also looks great with black lowlights and brown highlights. If you want to change your colour for a blonde shade, go for a darker hue since it has many possibilities to work with and offers easy transition. Get more info here.


  1. Darker to Platinum Blonde

This hue of darker blonde to the bright platinum gives you an incredible ombre. To perfectly show off this beautiful hue, you will need shoulder length to an extended straight lock. Give it a try and see how gorgeously you will look.

  1. Natural Dark Blonde

This is a natural dark blonde hair colour. Applying the shade and making the cut is simple and doesn’t need much effort to create. You can choose to bring the shade down to the roots, without necessarily compromising the dimension and volume.  It can be worn in many ways.


  1. Trendy Dark Blonde

This is sleek and trendy look every lady want to copy. The slight deep roots come up with modern, soft dimension. This colour shade also matches all skin tones and can transform your entire look. However, to achieve this look, a lot of patience is needed since it may take some time to achieve the lightness you need.

  1. Dark Ashy Blonde

This is a low maintenance dark blonde hair. It is also easy to maintain, and you can do that at home, for as many weeks as you want. If you want to style it at the salon, two to three hours are enough to get this balayage blend.


  1. Natural Ash Caramel Blonde

We all love the natural contrast created by the roots and the highlights. For a more glam look, maintain the colours the same for a more natural appeal, and effortless upkeep. We recommend this haircut for women who want a blonde, but they don’t want to destroy their hair. This hue doesn’t need much maintenance.

  1. Dark Roots and Ash Blonde

This is a combination of blonde and Rooty ash. The Rooty base enhances some grungy feel and makes this haircut a low maintenance. Therefore, this is the best choice for women who want a low maintenance hairstyle. It is ideal for the ladies who hate the idea of visiting salon regularly.

  1. Shimmery Blonde Balayage

This shimmery blonde balayage gives you a youthful shine and adds natural smoothness to your hairstyle.