END Black Friday 2020 sale: What Discounts To Expect

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END’s Black Friday 2020 sale is less than a month away, and we’re gearing up for a warrobe re-stock over here at Esquire.

If Black Friday conjures up images of people fighting over supermarket TVs, think again. Since travelling across the pond from the US a few years back, the sales day has exploded, and now even luxury brands are getting involved. Having overtaken Boxing Day as the biggest retail event of the year, Black Friday is the best time to stock up on wardrobe essentials, and perfectly timed if you plan to kit yourself out in new party-wear ahead of the festive season.

But before you commit to camping out from 7am on Oxford Street, let us offer a smarter solution to Black Friday style shopping. The discounts are all the same online, which means you can bag them from the comfort of your sofa. It’s more convenient, obviously, but also easier to find the styles and sizes you actually want. No more passive-aggressively stock-piling in store.

Oh, and not to mention, the big elephant in the room (whisper it: pandemic) that prevents Londoners from making non-essential journeys. Wonder how that one will go down once 27 November rolls around…

Of course, Black Friday browsing is not quite as relaxing as we’ve made it sound: you will need to come prepared. Buzzy items sell out fast, so remain laser focused and don’t let glittery new-ins distract you from those essential items. Get your head around it now, so you’re less overwhelmed once push comes to shove, with our helpful guide to navigating the Black Friday 2020 sales like a pro.

When is END’s Black Friday 2020 sale?

Determined by Thanksgiving dates in the US, Black Friday always falls on the fourth weekend of November which, this year, is the 27th. Unlike flash tech deals, fashion sales are likely to last longer than one day, probably through the weekend and until midnight on Cyber Monday.

What to expect from END’s Black Friday sale:

Last year, END dropped a blanket discount of 20 per cent off everything on the site (beware: some brands were excluded, the usual culprits as you can imagine). Promotional codes are the best kind of deals, if you ask us, because there’s a chance to get new-season items at their cheapest.

The brand is a big fan of full-price promos, but it also has a decent clearance sale available pretty much all year round. On Black Friday, it’s even better – so if the 20 per cent reduction isn’t quite doing it for you, you’re bound to find bargains at up to 70 per cent off in there. Be warned: you need to be prepared to get down and dirty with a hefty scroll through countless sale pages. For now, though, this is the best of the e-tailers mid-season sale:

What to buy in the END Black Friday sale?

END is streetwear central – a go-to for sneakerheads willing to queue for new drops – but if you’re a classic man at heart, don’t dismiss the retailer just yet. The buy is diverse: step into its Soho store and you’ll find Dries van Noten coats hanging alongside graphic Off-White tracksuits; there’s an abundance of Thom Browne, but Raf Simons heads will also have plenty to peruse.

Price points vary too, with the likes of MKI, Norse Projects, and all your staple sports labels serving up affordable options. Then, of course, there are the bridge brands – diffusions from Martine Rose and Margaret Howell, as well as the little sister to Samuel Ross’ A Cold Wall: Polythene Optics.

What we’re trying to say is, there’s something for everyone at END. And if you feel like tapping into different sides of your style, the 29th is a good time to experiment. Delivery is free on orders over £150, and you can always return unwanted items later on.

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