Extreme Couponing, Advantages and Disadvantages

The concepts of getting free products with coupons is to find the product at a price that does not exceed the coupon value, providing the product meets all restrictions on the coupon, such as size and specific product. But, when evaluated, the product is usually a small size that can have more package waste and still not meet the household needs. In this case, money still has to be spent to meet the needs. Or, if it is a product that is not used by the household, it can become waste in efforts to go get it or if it gets thrown out because of nonuse and being too old after time.

Stock piling on products that can be obtained for reasonable or cheap prices is one of the extreme couponing techniques that helps in saving money over the long run. But, if products in the stockpile are not rotated to be used before expiring, or used before spoiling, it becomes waste as they get too old for use. This creates waste when having to be thrown out.

Printing out internet coupons is a good way to save money if the coupons get used. On the other hand, there is waste in paper and ink when excessive amounts of coupons are printed and not used. This is especially true when coupons are printed in hopes of upcoming sales having the products on sale. There is no guarantee of the products being on sale or the particular size of the product listed on the coupon. And, if they are, the coupon may be expired before the product goes on sale.

Extreme couponing is a way to save on the budget, but caution must be used to maximize the savings. Questions should be asked before considering which deals to utilize. Does the household really need the product? Will the product be used in a timely manner to prevent spoilage? If the product is being purchased for the stock pile, how much should be kept to eliminate waste and ensure usage? What is presently in the stock pile as well as the cupboards? Bottom line, will the product be used without waste?

The same goes when determining which coupons to print from the internet. Printing some coupons to be kept just in case is a way to keep savings going. But, how many will be used to minimize the amount that will be thrown out? There is such a thing as printing too many to use, especially if you are unsure as to whether it will be used. Healthy benefits of extreme couponing is to produce savings without creating unnecessary waste.

The general idea of extreme couponing is to save where possible and use the amount saved to reduce expenses and bills in other areas that reduce the overall monthly budget. To truly maximize savings, caution should be used to ensure the savings is not being wasted. Extreme couponing advantages and disadvantages should be considered before any buying decisions are made to ensure true savings and not additional waste in extreme couponing.

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