Funny Wedding Invitations – How To Make The Right Impression

So you have planned your big day, you are getting married. So now is the time to decide what type of wedding you are going to have. Big, little, church or registry office, here or abroad. With so many decisions to make you will have to sit down with everyone involved and work out budgets and the couple will be left to work out the theme of their wedding. Extravagant or subtle, it all depends on who you are and what personality you have.

One wedding theme that is getting rave reviews from celebrates even is the humorous theme. This creates a memory that will last for ever. Starting with the wedding invitations or even funny wedding shower invitations these can either be a cartoon wedding invitation or humorous wedding invitations. Yes there is a subtle difference in the way they are drawn!

These funny cards set the theme and you'll find everyone talking before the big day "Where did you get those funny wedding cards from? I have never seen them before" This excitable talk creates a buzz with your guests before the big day. The theme can carry through to the picture on the cake, place cards, table names and table plan. That's not all when you need to thank your guests for their wonderful gifts you can follow up with a humorous thank you card.

The theme can carry right through out your wedding creating a light hearted and certainly not a stuffy formal approach that can so often ruin the enjoyment of a wedding.

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