Gift Ideas for LDS Missionaries

In the two years that your missionary is out serving in the mission field there are a lot of holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. It is a known fact that missionaries love to receive packages in the mail and each of these occasions gives you a good excuse to send them a gift. If you have a hard time deciding what to send to your missionary, here are a few ideas.

-Food: missionaries LOVE food. Those that are serving in foreign countries might not have any access to the foods they love. Perhaps they dream about their favorite foods. You can send them their favorite foods, but be sure to send enough for them to share with their companions. Make sure that you share non-perishable foods such a peanut butter and boxes of cereal.

-Photo Albums: when a missionary is away from home for so long they miss their families and it is a lot of fun for them to receive pictures from home and see how everyone is doing and what everyone has been up to. You can fill up an album full of family photos or put together a small album with pictures of all of their friends. This is something they can carry around with them and they can look at them when they are feeling homesick or far away.

-Book of Letters / Testimonies: put together a book that has letters written by family members and friends. This will definitely provide a boost for your missionary. You can also put together a book of testimonies written by family and friends that your missionary can share with those they are teaching the gospel to.

When deciding what to send your missionary remember that they have to live out of two suitcases, so don't send them anything too big. A gift can brighten your missionary's day. Send them their favorite treat or pictures from your last family gathering. The next time a special occasion comes up, or if you just want to randomly send your missionary a gift, use one of the ideas above or come up with something creative on your own. Your missionary will love it!

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