Guide On Washing And Drying Your Automobile Correctly

After spending a fortune on your new car you want to keep your vehicle looking like it’s best at all times right? Well, you may think you’re “helping the cause” by using automated drive-through car washes but here’s what you may not know. When other cars that are extremely dirty use the same car wash, it leaves all kinds of debris in the brushes and that debris ends up messing up your car’s finishes little by little. You also are putting your trust into the operator hoping that they are using the right type of detergent and the right amount, but why risk it when you can just spend some time washing your car yourself?

And what about those “touch less” car washes we’ve all been to? You know the ones that have the attendant scrub down your car with that old brush, I cringe every time I see someone with a nice looking car use a touch less car wash because yeah it may be fast and convenient but overtime your paint is gonna be damaged. Probably not to the point where you can notice it at first glance, but for those of us who “looks over” their car almost everyday, you will definitely notice a change in the overall finish of your car.

Now as I mentioned before, washing your car at home is a lot better than using an automated houston carwash service. But without doing some research about the best products to use, you could still end up damaging the paint job. Here’s how you know it’s starting to get bad, when you start seeing those swirl marks embedded into the finish. Have you ever thought to yourself “how did these swirls get on my car?”. Well, to put it simply, it’s because of the way you’ve been washing your vehicle.

The quality of car paint is not that same as it was back in the old days. In years past, when vehicles left the factory, they left with a thicker layer of paint than today’s cars. And with the clear coat (the layer that’s applied over the paint) being paper thin these days, you have to be very careful when washing your automobile because it doesn’t take much to scratch the clear coat and exposing the paint.

Below, I list a few of the mistakes a lot of people make when cleaning their car and the best way to avoid them. The alternative are extremely cheap and you’ll be amazed at how great your car will look afterward. Our first tip is it not use dish washing detergent to wash your car. A lot of people do this because they may have forgotten to buy regular car wash soap and think that it’s all the same. But the chemicals used in dish soap is very different than chemicals used in the products used to wash your car. And these harsh chemicals in dish soap can end up damaging your vehicle’s paint.

Secondly, don’t wax your car. Now you may be thinking “Don’t wax my car?! That’s crazy!” But the fact is that wax usually last about 30 days in warmer weather and can easily melt away when it’s extremely hot outside. Than when it rains or while you wash your car wax can easily get washed away.

Than here’s the worst part. When applying and removing wax, you have to scrub fairly hard right? Well if you have and small debris on your clothes or on your car, you could be grinding that debris into your car’s  I suggest that you don’t dry your car with a regular rag or bath towel for the same reason. Small debris can easily get trapped on the cloth and while you’re drying your car you could be scratching your vehicle’s paint. Now here’s a few techniques you should use when washing your car. First of all, when washing your car, first find a nice shaded area to wash your vehicle because by avoiding direct sunlight the soap will not build up on your vehicle’s paint. and you can easily dry your car without having to worry about water spots.

Secondly, I recommend using a microfiber cloth to wash your automobile. Mainly because this type of material will not damage your paint at all. it may cost a little bit more than a regular towel, but if you really want to keep your paint from getting scratched up it’s well worth it. And remember when I stated not to use wax? Well that’s because using synthetic paint sealant does the exact same thing and is better in all aspects. First it takes a lot less work to apply and it can be wiped off easily as well. And the best part of all is that it doesn’t wash away or melt and can protect your car’s finish for up to half a year.

And as for detergent, be sure to use detergent that specifically made for automobiles. Just like specific products is created to wash your hair and some types of clothes, this also applies to your vehicle. Using high quality detergent is the only way to go if you want to keep your car looking brand new. And lastly, when drying your car, again use a microfiber towel because they can remove water easily and it won’t scratch your car’s finish.