How Black Beauty Brands Have Grown in 2020

This past summer after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, massive protests swept the country as people demanded accountability for racism and police brutality. While millions of people turned up on the front lines at these demonstrations to outwardly voice their frustrations on the matter, millions more also used their power to support the Black community in other ways such as spending their money at Black-owned businesses.

A few months ago, it seemed like just about everyone was shouting from the rooftops about the importance of buying Black, even creating their own directories of Black businesses to buy from to support the Black Lives Matter movement. While the support has likely been appreciated by many Black business owners, it’s still important to note that supporting these businesses goes far beyond making one-off purchases; the key is to make sure you’re actually showing up for these companies by regularly buying from them, recommending their products to the people in your network, and even reviewing said products online.

We spoke to five Black beauty brand owners on the impact that the buy Black movement has had on their businesses since June and whether the outpouring of support they’ve received has been sustained. Read ahead to see their thoughts.

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