Is Buying Eco Friendly Clothing Worth It?

Shopping for eco friendly clothing is something I enjoy doing. I like the quality I find and the easy to wear, fashionable styles. Unfortunately, it is not something I do often. Buying organic or sustainable clothing can be expensive.

I have to admit that in the past my clothing choices were made most often by price and quantity, cheap clothes cluttering up my closet made from fabrics that could hardly be called environmentally friendly. Perhaps, one of the better things I have done for myself is to buy less. Through the years I have begun to appreciate owning less stuff and when I do make a purchase I buy the best quality I can afford. Surprisingly, my son is partly responsible for changing my ways.

As he was growing up I talked to him about buying cheap stuff like toys that usually ended up as trash shortly after we bought them. I encouraged him to think about his purchases. A few bad experiences didn’t hurt. You never think your kids are listening but I guess he took more to heart than I thought.

He has chosen his own clothes for several years now. I used to go with him and help now I just give him the money and let him go. I discovered very early on that he liked quality. He would rather own two good shirts than ten cheap ones. He shops carefully and doesn’t bug me too much when what I give him does not go as far as he might like.

For me, it was always dollars and cents. I just didn’t spend money on myself so I tended to buy cheaper. It took me a while to see I was teaching him a great lesson that I was not following myself. I began to think about the clothes in my closet and how so many of them were just stuff to put on.

Eco Friendly Clothing – A Great Choice For Fashion

Today, most clothing from the discount store to the department store is made with a surprising number of nasty chemicals. From the pesticides and herbicides used during growing to the chemicals used to process the fibers on to the dyes to color and other chemicals used to treat the fabrics. Natural materials that can be grown without pesticides and processed with a minimum of chemicals is the better environmental choice.

The new eco friendly clothing we are seeing is being made from a variety of sustainable fabrics. Natural fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, soy or peace silk along with some man made materials like tencel or fleece are finding their way more and more into our fashions. They provide us with choices that are better for the environment and ultimately better for us too.

When I shop now I look for quality both in the clothing and with the companies I shop from so it just made sense to choose organic or other sustainable fabrics. It seems that many companies that care about where and how the clothing they sell is made also care about the quality that goes in to making them.

Often when I find a green and ethical company, what they have to sell is high quality but more often than not expensive. Eco friendly fabrics are more expensive. Right now, we are seeing very well made clothing being created by small manufacturers and designers who want us to see that a dress made from hemp or jeans made from organic cotton is not only good for the environment but is stylish too. Often these same companies work to make sure that their clothing is made by workers who were treated fairly.

I enjoy my clothing more and take pleasure it how it looks and feels. It changes the way you look at your clothing when they are……

  • environmentally friendly
  • made with sustainable fibers
  • biodegradable
  • created by workers treated fairly and paid well
  • long lasting and…
  • stylish

An added benefit: I believe I am saving money because I am buying less and my clothing lasts longer.

What about you? How many of your clothes can make these claims? Wouldn’t you like it if more did? It’s not that hard. All it takes is a little knowledge, some careful shopping and a willingness to try something new. Before you know it you will be bragging “Isn’t this shirt cute and it’s made from hemp.” Why not give it a try and see if you don’t start appreciating eco friendly clothing.

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