Jennifer Grant’s clean beauty ingredient idea

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Over the course of history, cannabis root has been used by herbalists, physicians, and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine for concerns related to inflammation, circulation, and digestion.

Which is why Jennifer Grant, Founder and Owner of empyri, selected cannabis root as the hero ingredient for her new skin care brand: “they have been used therapeutically in traditional Chinese Medicine for over 1,000 years for a variety of inflammatory disease; used both topically and internally,” ​she tells Cosmetics Design.

What skin care actives are in cannabis?

She also shared research with this publication showing that cannabis contains Friedelin and Carvone, both of which are compounds known as triterpenoids and have been shown to have therapeutic benefits. (It’s also worth noting that there is no THC or CBD in cannabis root.)

“Friedelin in cannabis roots decreases inflammation and preliminary feedback on the line tells us that the products really work!” ​exclaims Grant. “In addition to the fresh vitamin C [toner] that brightens and smooths skin, the cannabis root extract reduces puffiness,” ​she says.

The current empyri product portfolio comprises a cannabis sativa oil cleanser, that cannabis sativa hydrating toner + vitamin C, and a cannabis sativa daily moisturizer, which can be used together as a 3-step routine on individually.

According to documents Grants shared with Cosmetics Design, the brand has plans to conduct further research on the active chemicals and prospective benefits of cannabis root.

And empyri has an advantage when it comes to ingredient sourcing: “cannabis roots are currently an overlooked waste stream in marijuana and hemp production,” ​as Grant tells Cosmetics Design.  

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