Makeup And Prom Dresses: Which Side Of You To Express

It’s that particular and time of the year that is so craved for throughout the school. When it comes to prom, it’s hard to define which side of your personality should be expressed through beauty and fashion. In this article we selected ideal looks, and the Prom Dresses that suit them best, according to the list published by The Telegraph in What to wear for prom: 9 style tribes to inspire your look; you decide which one to take home:

Natural Look

This option is perfect for those who want to add a little extra to their face with makeup, without being “too much”.  Natural makeup is an excellent juvenile approach and fits perfectly with almost any dress pattern or time of day in which your school celebrates the dance. Thewhole look includes:

  • Blush: You can apply bronzer under your cheekbones, and on top of that, highlighter; this will give a natural effect to your makeup but with a touch of definition and color.
  • Eyes: Apply a shadow in beige tone, outline your eyes on the inside of the eye, both upper and lower, either in black or dark brown and finalize it applying mascara.
  • Lips: To complete the makeup you can employ a gloss, beige or light pink. On the other hand, you can also use lipstick instead or make a fusion of both to make your lips ‘ pop’.

The Prom Dresses designs that combine the most with a natural makeup are:

  • “A” Cut: For a glamorous and hyper-feminine silhouette; these gowns usually have a slit at the height of the hip. It is a super flattering cut that will make any body-type to look, and you will always be comfortable when using it since it. As an example, we have the beautiful models of the JVN by Jovani brand, such as the Blush Flowy Plunging V Neck Mesh Prom Dress.

Monochromatic design of a beautiful coral shade; it highlights your best attributes as well as makes you shine.


It’s a fun look, you can play with colors and step-up your eyes and lips game, depending on the range you are using or that best suits your skin tone! Thiskindofmakeupischaracterizedby:

  • Blush: If your skin is huddled or brown you can apply pink. It should not be excessively charged.
  • Eyes: For this look, you can omit the shadow and merely outline your eyes with some vibrant color such as blue, green or violet.
  • Lips: Add the last touch of color to your lips with a matte tone and sparkly chapstick on top.

The perfect dress for this look could go by the lines of:

  • Mermaid cut: This cut is a fitted cut but at the same time mega flattering; these dresses are for elegant purposes as they are always long and have a very particular tail style. Mermaid design accentuates the female figure, and in at knee height, it slits, resembling precisely the tail of a mermaid.

For this, you have gowns such as the Green V Neck Criss Cross Back Mermaid Prom Dress by JVN. With this emerald piece, worthy of a whole diva on the catwalk, you will shine more than any other girl.


If you want to go for 50s fantasy, then this option is definitely for you! Make a tribute to the highest glamor in Hollywood with:

  • Blush: What commands in this looks is the eye makeup, and especially lips, so you can apply a little color taking care not to overdo it.
  • Eyes: Apply a little cream shade on the eyelid and a little higher, just below the bone a brown tone, blur it and delineate in black the upper part of your eye with a thin line that extends a bit at the end, finalize it with a striking mascara.
  • Lips: The red color is characteristic and essential in this makeup.

You will ensure victory with this design:

  • Skirt and top: You can combine prints, fabrics, and textures thanks to the fact that you are using two pieces. If you love to show a little belly, this style is ideal for you, although for those who like to be a bit more covered works great, too.

The Blush Embellished Pockets Two Piece Prom Ballgown is as beautiful as it is effective, thanks to its two colors you can combine your bag with one piece and your stilettos with another.

Prom Night allows you to take risks and try trends; It will all depend on your personality and the kind of fashion statement you want to make, but looking good is always the goal.