Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hunting Season’s New Makeup Bags Are a Beauty Obsessive’s Dream

Meanwhile, the range’s two curved clutches—one petite, the other slightly larger—take their cues from Hunting Season’s signature silhouette. “I love that you can fit enough essentials [in it] to carry you through your day,” Huntington-Whiteley says of the small accessory, which she fills with Chanel’s egg-shaped hand cream, Clé de Peau powder, and a two-sided lip pigment by Hourglass. “It can also be pulled out as an evening piece,” Corona muses, noting that it comes in four sharp shades of smooth Napa leather. 

With the holiday season fast approaching, consider it the ultimate gift to give to a special someone. “I plan on purchasing a few for my girlfriends and filling them up with beauty goodies,” reveals Huntington-Whiteley, who is quick to add that she’ll be sneaking a style (or two) for herself. As for choosing? “I think I’ll definitely be drawn to one of the black clutches, maybe one of the tan clutches, and, for the case, I think it could be really lovely to have that in both red and tan…. But I also want everything in the gray because it’s really unique and unexpected,” she says, trailing off into a laugh. “It’s too big of a question!” 

Huntington-Whiteley with the small clutch, which can hold beauty go-tos and evening essentials alike.Photo: Lena Herrmann

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