70% of U.S. Consumers Will Actively Seek Promotions and Coupons When Holiday Shopping This Year

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According to the new survey from Revionics, an Aptos Company, consumers are shopping smarter this holiday season and retailers must price accordingly to maximize sales

Revionics LLC, an Aptos Company, a provider of retail pricing, promotions, markdowns and advanced analytics solutions, today announced findings of its “Holiday Report: 2020 Pricing and Shopping Trends” based on a survey of 1,041 U.S. consumers. The survey illuminates holiday consumer behaviors and pricing trends to help retailers prepare their pricing, promotion and markdown strategies for a successful season.

According to the survey, 70% of respondents will actively seek promotions and coupons when holiday shopping, and 45% said that discounts will be one of the most important factors in deciding where to shop. To meet these consumer expectations and drive sales, retailers must offer the right promo mix and strengthen their pricing strategy this holiday season.

Make the holidays as usual as possible

After an unprecedented year of pandemic and economic uncertainty, consumers are largely anticipating and desiring a sense of normalcy this holiday season. The survey found that 56% of respondents plan to spend the same amount of money holiday shopping this year as last, despite 29% of respondents saying their personal finances have decreased since the beginning of COVID-19.

Over half of consumers said that compared to last year, they would spend the same amount of time looking for better deals, the same amount of money on their Thanksgiving meals, and the same amount of money holiday shopping online versus in person.

“We’re glad to find that despite the many setbacks and unpredictable sales trends for retailers this year, the holidays are looking hopeful as consumers strive for festivities not all that different from the past,” said Steve Leven, COO, Revionics, an Aptos Company. “Consumers aren’t going to let the pandemic affect their typical holiday experience, and retailers have a big opportunity to make this possible by meeting their expectations.”

Price smarter and start promos earlier

With more time and less money, consumers are shopping smarter and earlier for the holidays by looking for the best prices, expecting more promotions and extending the shopping season.

  • 77% of survey respondents said pricing was a top consideration when choosing where to do their holiday shopping.

  • 74% of respondents say they plan to compare prices while shopping online, and 69% plan to compare prices while shopping in person.

  • 45% of consumers have more free time to shop this year, and 35% say they will use that extra time look for better deals and discounts.

  • 46% of shoppers plan to start their holiday shopping before the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“Pricing will be key this holiday season as consumers search for the best prices during this extended holiday season,” said Leven. “To stay ahead of competitors and drive sales, retailers will need to determine the most effective promotional strategy across every channel, both online and in store. They must also start promotions and markdowns now while demand is up, keeping up with


Free Printable Coupons

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Coupons have been called a great way to save money. Since they subtract dollars from your total cost at the register it is like saving money. That makes sense and is a big reason why people use coupons.

The other side of coupons is the accumulation process. If you are using only one coupon, there is no accumulation process. However, most consumers use upwards to ten or more when they shop.

The accumulation process can consume a lot of your time especially if you have to look at numerous coupon sources. Newspapers for example don't always have coupons for products you use in that weeks shopper's section.

That forces you to look elsewhere or if they do have the coupons you want, you spend a good deal of time searching for the deals you want and then clipping those coupons. They don't get to the store unless you find them, clip them and take them with you.

Enter the Internet. It has become the time saving machine of this century. It streamlines the process because it has a large number of coupon sites dedicated to giving you the coupons you want. Plus these sites allow you to print out the coupons on your home computer.

In fact, some of the sites offer a version that streamlines the process yet one more degree. This process is called electronic coupons. They too are printable only you don't print them on paper you download them to the loyalty card for that particular merchant.

Instead of walking into your favorite grocery store with a hand full of coupons, you simply give the check-out person your loyalty card with the preloaded coupons and the register does all the subtracting for both of you. If you don't know if your store has this convenient coupon model simply ask their customer service department.

Some consumer advocates believe this type of coupon will become the major way coupons will be delivered to the end user. As of this writing, it is still relatively in its infancy. It is assumed once the consumer realizes the huge convenience factor it will zoom in popularity.

Regardless of the delivery system you use to get your discounts when you shop coupons will be at the heart of that discount. Merchants and retailers have developed this system to make it not only easy for the consumer but to suit their objectives as well.

Free printable coupons will be on the shopping landscape for a number of years to come. After all, years of active service coupled with the billions of dollars in commerce they create are two very powerful forces to keep both the merchants and consumers maintaining a vested interest in their longevity.

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The Well Known HostGator Coupons Are Useful For Any Business

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HostGator coupons can save you plenty of money. With today's economy we all strive to uncover new ways to save every cent we can. If you are directing an online business then this may be even truer. Any funds not spent on things like web hosts, can mean savings for new and existing clients and that brings in more business.

If you are desperate for quality results then using HostGator along with a site that offers free search engine optimization can help you get the achievements you could profit from. Combine this with free directory submission and you get a targeted customer base that is profitable. This is by far the cheapest and effective way to help your website grow.

With HostGator coupons you can save as much as twenty percent on your subscription. Their site is user friendly and they provide you with all of the service you need the most to help your business grow. Check out the savings today.

If you need a web site for any reason the HostGator is the one to use. You get plenty of space and you are working with professionals who understand your needs. They have tools available to help you develop the site you want.

The customer reviews say it all. HostGator is one of the best in the business. They make all of the top ten lists and that combined with the savings will insure you get the best deal possible. Customer satisfaction appears to be their number one goal.

There are many HostGator coupons available on the web. You are guaranteed to save money no matter which one you choose. Pick the coupon that is right for you and your needs. They also offer many other discounts such as saving on longer subscriptions. With all of this you could save a ton of money.

A select few of coupon providers will also offer you free search engine optimization, article writing with submission and free directory advertising. This is offered if you sign up to HostGator through an affiliate link as the payment that the affiliate gets for making the sale can be used to pay for paid services for your new website in which you would otherwise have to pay for separately.

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How to Use Coupons and Weekly Ads to Save Money on Groceries

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Groceries are one of the biggest expenses a family has, next to rent or a mortgage payment. A family of 4 spends over $700 a month on groceries! That’s astronomical to me! Even though we do it as a family of 4, it still blows me away! It’s no wonder families in America live paycheck to paycheck, IF they can even make it to the next paycheck!

As the household finance manager (fancy title, eh?) it is my job to make sure the bills get paid, that we have enough money left over to buy groceries, put gas in our vehicles and for other incidentals that happen between paychecks. It is also my job to try to have enough left over to put in our savings account. Let me tell you, it’s hard to spread the money out! But one of the easiest places we can save money is on the grocery bill! How is that you may be asking? I will show you.

Clipping coupons (and/or printing them online) is one of the best ways to save money on groceries. However, clipping coupons can be time consuming, takes some organizational skills and needs to be done on a regular basis to get the most for your money.

How to get started using coupons:

You can go right now to and print off coupons. They post new coupons every month and you can usually print off 2 or more.

When choosing coupons to print, be sure to choose items that you already use, or that you are sure to start using. Say you usually buy a certain brand of cereal but you have a $1.00 off coupon for a different brand, you will most likely use the other brand.

The smartest way to use coupons are to purchase the smallest container allowable with the coupon. If you have a coupon for $1.00 off a box of rice, check the coupon to see if there are any size requirements. If there are, get the smallest size allowable at the lowest price. Then when you have 2 identical coupons for the same item, you can purchase 2 of the smallest size containers and get the biggest savings.

Also check your grocery stores weekly sales ads. You can double your savings by using coupons on sales items. This is where some planning and organizing comes in.

Once you get going with using coupons, the next thing to do is start stocking up on dry goods, can goods, frozen goods and paper goods. The idea is to get enough groceries built up so that you only have to buy perishables on your trips to the grocery store. Obviously your grocery stock will deplete as you use items, so you will need to continue printing and clipping coupons to replenish your non-perishables as they come on sale.

How to organize your coupons:

You will want to get some sort of coupon organizer that’s easy to tote and easy to use. You will want it …


Unbelievable HostGator Coupons Save The Day

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Anyone can find a HostGator coupon by doing a simple search on Google, but only the highly connected online webmasters can find the top coupons. Learn how you can take advantage by knowing what to look for.

There are two reasons why you want a HostGator coupon:

1- To save money on your hosting charges for a website that will be your online business.

2- To save money on your hosting charges for a personal website. (non-business)

Either way, you will need to drive targeted traffic to this website or there would be no point in having one. That is why certain HostGator coupons will come in handy. What if you choose a coupon that had a bonus that would drive targeted traffic to your website from day 1, at no extra cost! You would want to get your hands on one, right?

Its all about targeted traffic, especially for any type of online business, its the life blood of any profitable business and you can either pay for traffic or find it for free. It can be a tough job sending traffic to your new website if you dont have any experience with article writing, search engine optimisation or social media methods.

If you search hard enough, you will find partners of HostGator that offer Unbelievable HostGator Coupons. These partners have permission from HostGator to offer you such coupons and will also provide you with free search engine optimisation, free link building, blog or forum installation and many other free services, just for using the right coupon.

I wish that I found something like this when I first started out as it took me months to find a small amount of traffic, as well as having to learn how to write articles, perform search engine optimisation and install software such as blogs. So if your just getting started then these kind of coupons with bonuses are ideal for your online business.

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Benefiting From Web Hosting Coupons

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As a former web hosting founder and executive I know how competitive the industry can be, the barriers and cost to entry are low and the profit margins on are high. That combination creates as very competitive and cut throat environment. Not great for the companies, but really good for the buyers of their service.

One way to benefit from this competitiveness for customers is through Web Hosting Coupons. A great majority of hosting companies offer discounts or coupons as a way to entice new customers to their service. Some coupons offer a month of service for.01 or others take 20% off the total cost of the service plan. The size of the discount that web hosting companies offer through their coupons is often correlated to the price of plans and services associated with those coupons.

Web Hosting Coupons are a great way to test a company out without spending a lot of money on a service plan. If the service and support that a company offers is not up to par, then the use of the discount or coupon really helps make the experience less costly one.

Finding current discounts and coupons can be a bit tricky; one common method is to type the name of the company followed by coupon or coupons into your favorite search engine. From my experience the results tend to be hit or miss as some of the coupons posted on web sites may be expired and out of date.

Whether you find a coupons through Google or another site, in these times any one who buys web hosting service should never pay full retail price when there is a plethora of coupons that companies offer floating around. Do your research and utilize what these companies are offering.

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Why Use HostGator And HostGator Coupons

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Learn why you should use HostGator for your hosting requirements and why HostGator coupons are useful for your online business. There's more to this than meets the eye. HostGator have over 200,000 satisfied clients, the reviews across the internet are mainly positive and the only negative reviews are from those people who don't know anything about the internet.

HostGator offer several hosting options including shared hosting, reseller and dedicated. The account you choose would depend on what you plan to do with it. For shared hosting services you may want to launch a small online business with a shopping cart, a personal website, blog, forum or photo gallery. Dedicated servers are ideal for large companies, online applications or games which require more power and resources. Reseller hosting is for webmasters who wish to start their own profitable hosting company.

The support and the features that this company offers is the main reason for its success. It has grown from only three servers back in 1999, to over 7000 servers today. Millions of domains are hosted which take up over 1% of the worlds entire online traffic. This must tell you that by choosing this company, you would be a wise webmaster as they offer security, affordability and support around the clock.

You can save a lot of cash by using a HostGator coupon such as "blogoffers" that would give you $ 9.94 off of your first invoice. This amount could pay for your new domain name so its well worth it. Some coupons that are provided online can also offer you free marketing that would drive targeted traffic to your new website from day 1, but you must be highly connected to find such coupons.

There are whole businesses created around HostGator coupons and these people can offer you so much more if you choose the right coupon. Why would you go directly to HostGator when you can take advantage of using the service anyway, but getting much more in return for using a certain coupon such a free online marketing.

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Use Coupons and Make Your Shopping Easy and Inexpensive

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Coupons are the way to buy anything of high quality at an affordable cost. You can use them to make your shopping a memorable experience.

In current time, money is the biggest issue for everyone. People tend to save money by any means. But they don't know how they can save their money while shopping? The answer is with the use of special offers while shopping.

It is a well known fact that people love to shop. This in turn demands a huge sum of money to be spent. Although people love to do shopping but a sort of fear is there in their mind and that is the fear of saving money. This fear can be removed by using discount codes.

Coupon is a thing offered by storekeepers to customers. This in turn helps the customer to get the things at comparatively lower price. By using them customer need not to pay full retail price of commodity.

If you are thinking that what are the things you can buy by making use of these coupons? Then the answer is- you can buy anything with the help of these discount codes. Below is the list of few things that you can buy with the help of these special offers:

Sports accessories
Home appliances
Garden accessories
Electronic items
Bags etc.

Hence you can buy all these things at comparatively lower price with the help of these discount codes. So use these special offers and save your money.

These are discounted coupons because some discount is offered to the customer who carries this coupon with him. They allow customers to buy things they desire at lesser price.

To know about these discount codes there are many sources available. These sources may include magazines, newspapers, websites or storekeepers.

Besides all these sources you can have e-mails in your mail box with the information about these special offers.

Is there any site or sites available through which one can get the information about them? Yes, there are various websites available on the internet which bears all the information required.

Now the question arises that are these sites trustworthy? The answer is yes, but still you should we aware and conscious that the information you are getting is up to date and not fake. Don't trust anything until you are sure about the prices and products.

You should also be careful about some other things like:

· You should always keep your coupon with you, because keeping it at home or any other place can not help you out.
Always be aware of real price of commodity you are going to buy. This in turn makes you aware of true value.
Keep knowledge of those stores where they can be doubled
Always buy the things which are useful for you. Do not waste the them on buying things which are not useful.
Always buy genuine commodities.
Customers who are loyal to the stores and are regular …


Eye Catching and Well Figured Invitation Coupons

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Getting prepared for special occasions requires not only getting dressed up and ready, but also prepare some precedents that will make impression on the guest very before the party. In order to invite people from your neighbor and office, you will surely love to send personalized and customized invitation coupons. When it comes to invite people via sending invitation coupons, choosing the right design and matter is crucial. With the development and improvement of technology, the way of creating initiation coupons has been changed. The creativity has become a vital component of this designing.

The general perception of human beings is to choose personalized invitation consultant coupons matching with their occasions. There are several companies who deal in this sector and provide lucrative offers to their clients. You need to identify and determine the best one who delivers you what you want. Varieties of cards available to choose from according to your occasion such as baby shower invitation coupons, wedding invitation cards, retirement party invitation, sporting event, dinner party invitation and many other occasions. In other words, these invitation coupons offer you the best discounts on every purchase of selection.

Using right kind of words and phrases in your invitation coupons is essential to make it perfect. Choose the right one for your party from the online shops.

Nowadays, more simplified and hassle-free process to contact invitation consultant coupons enables people to discuss about your requirements. Here are some tips to choose the best invitation consultants coupons.

Initially, prepare a blueprint or prototype of your invitation card by mentioning the required information on the card.

Next, prepare the list of guests to invite with their proper address and full name.

Instigate the search to find out the best invitation consultants coupons over the web. Internet is an evergreen resource to discover and explore anything. Compile all the data and names of the companies.

Compare their services offered by invitation consultant coupons provider as per your budget and preferences. Next, compare their charge of the invitation coupons. Ultimately, you will be left with the best provider. Do remember that price and quality of the cards must go hand in hand.

For more screening, check the reviews and testimonials of that particular online shop and decide finally.

Here you just need to discuss your preferences and design of the cards. There are several companies who deal in this sector and provide lucrative offers to their clients. In other words, these invitation coupons offer you the best discounts on every purchase of selection. Choose the right one for your party from the online shops. Nowadays, more simplified and hassle-free process to contact invitation consultant coupons enables people to discuss about your requirements. Here are some tips to choose the best invitation consultants coupons.

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Why Are HostGator Coupons Ideal For A New Online Business

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You want to find a HostGator coupon to save money on your hosting, correct? But what if you could get more than the actual discount. The best HostGator coupons offer so much more, especially for a new online business. The hardest thing you will face when you start your new online business would be the marketing aspect. Its certainly not easy to drive traffic to a website if you have no experience.

First of all, you can use a HostGator coupon such as: blogoffers

This will offer you a $9.94 discount on your first invoice or you could order the baby monthly plan and get your first month for 1 cent. This is one of the most popular coupons and will save you enough money to buy a domain name.

There are many webmasters that have a partnership with HostGator and offer extra services such as search engine optimisation and other free advertising bonuses, just for using a specific coupon. This is due to HostGator paying the webmaster for each signup through the specific coupon.

This means that if you signup to HostGator through a partner, you can get more targeted traffic to your new website, at no extra cost. After all, your more than likely going to sign up to HostGator anyway, so why dont you get an extra bonus package for doing the same thing.

Its always best to take full advantage of specific services related to HostGator and the coupons as you need all the help you can get when promoting the site online. This gives you the boost that you would need from day 1 and the targeted traffic you get as a bonus may land you your first sale. Some webmasters will also offer live support when using their coupons to help you get your website up and running.

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