Fly Through a Virtual Preview of Es Devlin’s Exhibition Design for ‘About Time: Fashion and Duration’

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The British stage designer Es Devlin has crafted monumental concert scenes for the likes of Beyoncé and Lorde as well as genius theater sets for Othello at the Met Opera and Hamlet at the Barbican, among others. Devlin’s newest work doesn’t star musicians or actors. After months of COVID-related delays, the exhibition she designed for “About Time: Fashion and Duration” opens October 29 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. The show promises to be a sensory overload, with Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, and Nicole Kidman reading Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Devlin’s dramatic set design creating a clock-like pathway via which visitors can explore fashion’s shifting relationship to time. An animated preview of Devlin’s work—two interlocked clock-shaped galleries—makes its exclusive debut here. 

The decision to work with Devlin came naturally; she had designed several sets for Louis Vuitton’s womenswear collections in Paris, and with the brand as the exhibition’s sponsor, bringing on Devlin collaborator felt right. “My favorite part of the job is collaborating with other creators outside of the curatorial field,” says Andrew Bolton, the Wendy Yu Curator in Charge of the Costume Institute. “I’ve been so lucky to work with these incredible creative people, and it really advances the narrative of the exhibition.”

He continues: “It’s always important to me that an audience enjoys the exhibition, and it’s an experience for them, so we do try to offer these multisensory immersive experiences, where the installation in a way reinforces the narratives of the exhibition that we’re trying to convey. In this particular case we arrived at Es—I’d been a huge fan of hers and I thought I might work with her last year on ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion,’ but we went in a different direction.”

That change of step for “Camp” proved serendipitous for “About Time.” Bolton has long had a fondness for the scene in the 1994 film version of Orlando, where Tilda Swinton, in the titular role, dashes through a hedge maze and emerges transformed through time and fashion. “I thought the idea of using a maze would be a good vehicle to convey this idea of time travel, and Es has done many mirror mazes, so she’s very familiar with the idea,” he explains. They spent a week working together on a maze concept in London pre-COVID, but then serendipity struck again. “I got a call from the Met saying that the New York Fire Department had shut the idea down because it was a fire hazard, if it was dead ends and people just couldn’t get out,” Bolton remembers. “I said, ‘Es, why don’t we just do a clock?’ Immediately, because Es is so creative, she just switched track; there was no sort of hesitation. She began working on this concept of a clock, and oddly enough I think it’s better than it would have been originally.” 

The final exhibit design is of two circular galleries that mimic a clock face, connected by a central darkened pathway. In the first gallery, time is


Peak Design Made So Many Cool New Mobile Accessories

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We talked about Peak Design on occasion, mostly when doing round-ups of our favorite products during the holiday season. Today, we’re talking about the innovative bag maker for another reason – mobile phone accessories! Peak Design introduced a new Kickstarter campaign today that brings in a case, magnetic connector system, and a bunch of sweet mounts and products that work with it. All of it looks awesome.

Peak Design, for those not familiar, is mostly known as a bag company who found early success by making camera bags with all sorts of crazy design ideas. They’ve since branched into various other bag areas and make a bunch of camera accessories too, but this is the first big mobile line-up.

Mobile by Peak Design is the official name and it starts with a supported phone case that PD made, along with an adapter that is for those interested who don’t have a supported phone for the case. As of today, they are only making the case for iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and Galaxy S20 devices. That could change, but this is where the start is. Again, if you don’t own one of those, you can buy Universal Adapter, which attaches to your phone via adhesive and can then work with all of the other products.

Once you’ve decided which product you need to start, you get to choose from all of the sweet stuff that completes the line. There is a mobile tripod that attaches to the mount mechanism via magnets, a wallet accessory that doubles as a phone stand, car mount that can enable charging, two different bike mounts, wall magnet mounts, a wireless charging stand with adjustable positioning, a motorcycle mount, and a kit that lets you attach to tripods, GoPro mounts, etc.

Some of the devices attach via magnet only, while others lock in place (like the bike mounts), plus all of the products were thoughtfully designed and often include more than a single use.

To back this project, which is scheduled to deliver in May 2021, you can start with the magnetic adapter option for $16 or the case option for $32. From there, you can add-on accessories during checkout.

Back Peak Design Mobile on Kickstarter

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Peak Design unveils its own line of magnetic phone cases and accessories

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Peak Design is moving into the smartphone accessory market. The company, best known for its popular Everyday camera bags, has unveiled a mobile-focused system called Mobile. It starts with SlimLink, a square mounting plate that relies on magnets and a ceramic insert. Peak Design has made an Everyday Case for the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S20 that has a SlimLink built right in. If you own a different phone, you’ll need to use a Universal Adapter — a SlimLink with some adhesive on the back — with your phone or existing case. Peak Design also plans to support more smartphone models with Everyday Cases in the future.

With a SlimLink installed, your handset can quickly attack to a number of Mobile-branded accessories. These include a tiny tripod, a wallet that doubles as a kickstand, and a mixture of wall, car, bicycle, motorbike and mounts. Some rely purely on magnets, while others, such as the bicycle mount, use tiny plastic teeth for an extra-secure attachment. Peak Design has developed a couple of wireless chargers, too — one for the car and one for your home or office — that work in tandem with the Everyday Case and Universal Adapter. SlimLink should also work with a number of third-party wireless chargers, but the company hasn’t revealed which ones.

Peak Mobile
Peak Mobile

I know what you’re thinking: didn’t Apple just announce its own magnetic attachment system? Yes, and at first glance the timing seems unfortunate. According to Peak Design, however, Mobile will be cross-compatible with Apple’s new MagSafe standard. A spokesperson said the company’s “goal” was to make all of its “soft-locking” mounts and accessories — the ones that rely solely on magnets — compatible with MagSafe phones and cases. Peak Design also wants the Everyday Case to play nice with MagSafe chargers. Finally, it aims to make MagSafe accessories, such as Apple’s official card wallet, work with “a Peak Design case,” the spokesperson said.

“Peak Design views the launch of MagSafe as a fortunate turn of events,” the company said in a statement. “Given Peak Design has spent four years developing products that connect your phone to your life, they now have the opportunity to integrate it with a standard that will exist for years to come.”

I’ve spent the last few days using a smattering of pre-production samples. I use a OnePlus 8 at the moment, so had to stick the Universal Adapter to the back of my Sandstone Bumper Case. Peak Design says you should attach the SlimLink to the absolute center of the case, but I couldn’t do this without covering up my phone’s rear flash. (Most flagships now have their camera module positioned in the top left-hand corner, however.) Thankfully, a slightly lowered position didn’t affect the strength or stability of the locking mechanism. The Adapter is just a few millimetres thick, but stands out visually against my OnePlus case. If you have the option of using Peak Design’s all-in-one case, it’s definitely the


WATCH | Surat fashion designing students design, perform in Garba outfits made of PPE kits

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SURAT: A group of fashion designing students in Surat performed ‘Garba’ sporting hand-painted costumes made of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits. These costumes were designed by the students themselves.

In one of the rarest occasions when the traditional dance ‘Garba’ will not be performed during Navratri due to COVID-19, the fashion designing students of the Institute of Design and Technology (IDT), Surat have designed a customized ‘Covid Garba Dress’, which is made of polypropylene fabric approved by the South India Textile Research Association (SITRA).

According to IDT, “Under the guidance of their faculty – Ms. Aarushi Upreti, the 1st year students of IDT INDIA crafted a Covid Garba outfit using hand painting and mirror as embellishments and designed a two-layer fully protected couple dress on PPE Jumpsuits with masks and dandiya sticks.”

“The layering has been done in such a way that people can maintain social distancing while they perform Garba. These Garba outfits are very economical, provide full protection and are very comfortable to wear and dispose,” said Disha Patel, the student who designed the outfit.

“Since this year government has banned Garba, hence to add joy amidst the festive season, these covid Garba outfits will be gifted to Covid Care Volunteers of Civil Hospital, Surat. This initiative was taken to show gratitude to the artisans who have worked diligently to earn their living during this pandemic,” Aarushi Upreti, Faculty, IDT told ANI.

The state government has banned Garba this Navratri but allowed no-contact worship of the idol or image of Goddesses. 

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Surat’s Fashion Students Design Unique Garba Costume with PPE Kit

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The novel coronavirus spike which clamped the world order continues to take its toll on the festivities too. As India prepares to onset the festive season today with Navratri and the Durga Pooja soon, followed by Dussehra and Diwali, it will be a muted affair this year due to the pandemic. The Covid-19 spike has forced many state governments to issue strict safety protocols and social distancing norms which have dampened the usual fanfare.

The Navratri festival that spreads across nine days is celebrated in India with different names. With no scope to organise mega fairs, Ramlila shows and great food offered will not be the case this year. In Gujarat, where the Navratri celebrations are conducted on a grand scale across the state, it will be a lack-lustre affair this year. Many look forward to the auspicious nine-day period to dress-up, gorge on good food and dance the night away while worshipping the nine avatars of Goddess Durga.

In a rare set back, due to the pandemic, the state government has banned Garba dance but has allowed no-contact worship of the Goddess. However, the students of a fashion designing institute have come-up with a safe workaround.

A group of students from the Institute of Design and Technology (IDT) in Surat designed a ‘Covid Garba Dress’. The costume which is made of polypropylene fabric is approved by the South India Textiles Research Association (SITRA). The two-layer personal protection jumpsuits (PPE) are embellished with hand painted motifs and mirrors. It also features a face mask and dandiya sticks.

The redesigned Covid-19 safe garba costumes resemble PPE overalls resembling the ones worn by doctors and frontline workers in hospitals. However, this Garba costume in white is covered from head to toe and has multi coloured dupattas and detachable skirts featuring traditional motifs and sparkling mirrors to add some bling, NDTV reported.

The video of the new Garba costume posted on Twitter has cracked-up netizens and many have commented with funny memes.

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Proposed Tougher Approach to Examination for Utility Model and Design Patent Applications in China

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Proposed tougher approach to substantive examination for Utility Model and Design Patent Applications in China.

In a bid to improve the quality of Utility Models and Design Patents granted in China, the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) has put forward proposals to impose tougher examination requirements for Chinese Utility Model and Design Patent applications.

Currently, a design patent (also known as a registered design in Europe) application in China does not undergo substantive examination. This means that, although the Chinese Patent Law requires a design to be new and distinctly different from any one of the existing designs known anywhere in the world, in practice, a Chinese Examiner does not conduct any searching during examination of the design application. Based on the current Examination Guidelines, the Examiner is only required to examine the application based on the application details and what is considered to be common knowledge of a general consumer.

Equally, although a Utility Model (also known as a petty patent in the US or innovation patent in Australia) application is required to be novel, creative and of practical use under the Chinese Patent Law, the level of examination requirement is similarly low.

Considering an Invention Patent application, which is the equivalent of a standard patent available in countries or regions such as the UK, Europe or the US, typically takes around 3 to 6 years to grant, grant of a Utility Model can be obtained quickly, typically between 10 to 18 months. A Design Patent can be even quicker. As such, filing such applications in China has been a faster, cheaper and easier way to obtain patent protection for an invention, compared to an Invention Patent. Both forms of patent protections have been proving popular. In 2011, SIPO granted 408,000 Utility Models and 380,000 Design Patents.

However, this may all be about to change. In a public consultation issued in February 2013, SIPO has indicated that the lack of substantive examination for both types of applications have caused patents to be granted to inventions or designs that are already known, or caused patents to be granted to inventions or designs more than once, ie double patenting.

In order to improve the quality of Utility Models and Design Patents, SIPO is proposing to amend the Examination Guidelines such that Examiners are encouraged to conduct searches on existing technologies and designs when examining such applications. Furthermore, the Guidelines proposed to be amended such that Examiners are not restricted as to how such information are obtained.

It is envisaged that if SIPO is to implement its proposed changes to tighten examination procedures for both types of applications, the costs and time required to see such applications through to grant are also likely to increase.

Early indications suggest that SIPO may already be implementing changes and Examiners will be improving enforcement of the novelty requirement for such applications. However, even with tighter examination requirements, for an invention with a short commercial life and somewhat limited novelty, a Utility Model application should …


Relive Childhood Memories And Design The Perfect Holiday Gift, A Personalized Toy Box

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Who did love getting a personalized gift as a child? There was something exciting about receiving a present with your name engraved or painted on it. If you ever needed to wow a recipient with a gift, a personalized item was a sure win.

Adult gift-givers can relive the fun of those childhood memories by giving personalized gifts. Today's shoppers have many options in personalization ranging from "off-the-shelf" items to hand-painted or even custom engraved gifts. Online shopping supports all of these gift options and more with personal design tools to make gift-giving even more fun and meaningful. It's now possible to create a perfect holiday gift right from the comfort of home. Better yet, you'll be able to preview the design, something you could never do with over-the-phone orders.

Design Your Own Is Perfect For Unique Names

If you're one of those people with a unique name you know how hard it is to find personalized items off the shelf. If you know a kid with a hard-to-find name, you know how disappointing it is for them to never find anything with their name on it. Design your own options eliminate this frustration and allow you to bring a smile to the faces of these kids who are proud of their unique names.

A Personalized Toy Box Is Fun And Functional

One gift that will be welcomed by kids and parents alike is a personalized toy box. Kids will love having their own place for all of their treasures, made even more special by their name being displayed front and center. Parents will appreciate having a functional and attractive storage spot for the unending pile of toys kids seem to accumulate.

Personalized toy boxes come in all shapes and sizes from 100% hand-crafted and laser-engraved heirloom-quality pieces to manufactured fiberboard boxes that feature painted or acrylic lettering. Some toy boxes are large enough to double as a bench or coffee table, others are small enough to tuck into a corner in a bedroom or playroom.

A good toy box design tool will give you several options to choose from to design your toy box such as wood color, name versus monogram, and font choice. Before making your final purchase you should be able to see a mock-up of your design to verify that everything is spelled correctly and designed the way you want. With one quick glance you'll be able to tell if it suits the personality of your intended recipient. If it doesn't, simply play around with your options some more until it's perfect.

This preview function takes the guesswork out of personalized gifts. No more waiting on pins and needles, hoping the final product looks the way you want it to. You'll know exactly what to expect before you even click the purchase button.

Selecting The Perfect Holiday Gift

If you're convinced that a personalized toy box should be on your shopping list this year, make sure it's a quality piece. Quality pieces last longer and look …


French Style Furniture For a Vintage Interior Design!

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The subtle design and elegance of French style furniture is the perfect choice if you want to bring out an old world feel for your house. Many home owners want a classy and simple design that speaks by quality rather than decoration. You can choose a different theme or layout for each of the rooms, depending on your preferences. The casual, country feel is in popular demand when it comes to purchasing French style furniture for a new home. The beautifully crafted patterns allow a lot of creativity with colors and shades so you can fill up each room with a different mood for a beautiful collage of emotions.

The main material used in such furniture designs consist of hardwood or different variations of raw wood crafted into various designs. The long deep cuts and free flowing lines are symbolic of French style bedroom furniture, allowing you to build up a relaxed and comforting environment all around. If you are into French home décor, you would notice the lush flower patterns and natural curves that are common to all household items. You can easily get attracted to antique French style furniture because of the deep, brooding textures and color elements.

When it comes to selecting a proper color for your designs, you will be amazed to see the number of beautiful contrasts that country French style furniture can offer to you. Most of the styles are a mix of bright and subtle colors to capture the proper atmosphere. You would see shades of arctic green or bright gold interspersed with more dull colors like greys and blacks. The painted French style furniture makes for a lush and colorful interior without going overboard. If you want an artistic design without complex patterns, this is the best option to try out in your new home.

The brilliant designs and colors complement the sharp and durable texture that is associated with all vintage French style furniture in stores. Many designer shops stock such items on a regular basis so you can always keep a tab on your local stores. If there are any festival or special sale offers, you have the opportunity to get amazing French style furniture discounts for your purchases. In this way, you can decorate your home the way you want while sticking to the recommended budget limits. It is a great opportunity for furniture lovers looking to add a fresh touch to their homes.

In case you are just remodeling your home and don’t want to bear such expenses, you can always go for used French style furniture found at retail and thrift stores. They are available at affordable prices and you can refurnish them the way you want. The traditional carvings found in French style provincial furniture are a sign of rich cultural heritage. If you are a connoisseur of good living, you would enjoy the intricate beauty and richness that French décor has to offer to your home. It fills up a home with its own essence, …


Victorian Style Home Design and Its Remarkable Exterior

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As you can probably guess, the term 'Victorian architecture' comes from the reign of Queen Victoria in the United Kingdom from mid-1837 until the beginning of 1901. During that time the British used to name the architectural styles after the monarch ruling in this period. So this tendency in architecture originates from Britain but it was spread in other countries, even other continents. In the past royalty was very fond of art and different influences from unfamiliar and therefore interesting cultures. This is why this particular style combines elements from the Middle East and Asia. It is believed that the Victorian style was conveyed in other countries by English architects who emigrated to the four cardinal points of the world taking their knowledge of what's in trend at home to the new destination they wend their way to. That's the reason why Victorian homes can be seen in Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, etc. At that time, the communication and transportation industry were already developed to such an extent that information could travel faster so as news for what's fashionable in other remote locations.

The Victorian period overlaps the Industrial Revolution, meaning technology development. This surely contributed to the more complex elements of home design at the time. There are very typical traits of a house that is built on this style which are strongly distinctive. The first thing that might draw your attention when seeing such a home is the sort of tower-looking part of the roof, which is often present. Another part of the roof is steeply pitched and built as different parts and not as a whole, so it does not have a regular shape. Usually, the gable faces the front of a house, not the sides of it. But as the roof is divided to many parts, some gables might be turned sideways. The walls are intended not to have a smooth effect, so they are built of textured shingles. Asymmetry was probably honored during the period since the whole house is constructed with such an idea in mind. Starting from the front, the porch might spread along one side of the house and have detailed ornaments on the railing. Dormers are also very typical. Bay windows that lay outward of the main level of the construction are also quite common. Such houses are usually built of wood and have two stores. The exterior of a Victorian home as above described is very easy to recognizable.

Believe it or not, Victorian style home design is still found interesting and appealing by many. There are houses that are constructed to look that way with a few modern touches here and there. They actually have a kind of romantic appearance and can turn into the pride of any neighborhood. Nowadays, the very existence of them preserves the spirit of the past, making the property unique and remarkable. From the outside it may look like taken out of a history book, but from the inside they can be …


Farmhouse Style Interior Design

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Vintage Indian trunks cladded with iron straps and brass medallions, farmhouse chic interiors update your style simply by using old wooden hope chests made into functional coffee tables that have the added value of storage. Some are intricately detailed with elephants and horses carrying stories of the Spice Route and others are painted with rustic turquoise patina reminiscent of Jodhpur the Blue City. Distressed paint feels natural on the vintage rustic cabinets made from recycled old doors, vintage woods that are so beautifully aged and naturally varnished. Dining tables made from antique doors complete with latches and iron studs are accented perfectly with wrought iron chairs.

Vintage rustic old arches turn your kitchen mantel into a statement, the green foliage in brass planters draws attention to the hand carved detail and the natural washed patinas. Colorful textured tribal table runners will give your tables an elegant, vintage bohemian worldly panache that works well with a multitude of colors. Pick up an old planter and fill with gorgeous cottage garden plants or herbs.Vintage bowls and rustic brass urns used as a centerpiece overflowing with seasonal pumpkins, pines and flowering twigs bring in the old fashioned cottage charm. Add farmhouse-inspired decorations, made at home wreaths and floral arrangements that give a lovely personal touch. A rustic old chakra bookcase adds instant allure, offering a place to store books and your travel collections. Long wooden blanket chests in distressed blues and greens used at the end of the bed or as window console table placed in the nook, you can enjoy the sun while reading your favorite book.

Bring in the farmhouse theme into the nursery by hanging an old jharokha window filled with baby pictures. The windows get a cottage-chic boost with handloom fabric throws weaved by artisans in natural cotton fibers and vibrant colors. Install old rustic boxes filled with colorful, seasonal blooms at the window sill. Sheer sari curtains are great for kitchen windows, breakfast nooks or other spaces where natural light adds charming style and some privacy without stopping the sunshine.

Give your bedroom an instant farmhouse update by replacing your headboard with rustic 18C Indian doors. Old wooden spice mortar from Indian villages converted into umbrella stands, unusual columns and pillars add to the eclectic character. Hand carved Tree of Dreams wall panels are statement art pieces, that are creative as well as full of positive energy. Neutral-hued woods carved kamasutra panels in white washed whimsical farmhouse style add to the romance of the bedroom. The rustic, cottage-style look of old door lotus carved cabinets and vintage sideboard consoles add a rustic touch to your home. High-end Suzani embroidered pillow shams can be a luxe splurge when updating a bedroom. Use handloom cotton throws to create a country-chic makeover or curl up into a soft pashmina blanket. Farmhouse style decor is a statement of your lifestyle, laid back luxe and casual country chic.

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