Kelly Rowland On Destiny’s Child, Motherhood, And Her New JustFab Clothing Line

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It occurred to me, just before she answered my Zoom call, that Kelly Rowland has set the soundtrack to my life for the last twenty years.

First, in Destiny’s Child—where she, Beyoncé Knowles, and Michelle Williams taught me how to be an independent woman, how to survive, and how to know when someone isn’t, indeed, ready for this jelly.

Then, after the group’s amicable split in 2006, Rowland’s solo career went on to mark some of the most significant cultural moments of the decade; there was ‘Dilemma’, which underlined society’s growing appetite for RnB, ‘Stole’, which forced global conversations around mental health, and ‘When Love Takes Over’, which became the unofficial anthem for gay marriage.

But music is not why we’re staring at each others pixelated faces today. Today, we’re talking fashion—and veering wildly off-course from there.

Rowland just launched a footwear and apparel collection with membership shopping platform JustFab, following a successful activewear collaboration with its sister company, Fabletics, last year.

“We sat down and had a really great conversation—I felt like we were playing tennis, just going back and forth on everything from womanhood to style, how different pieces forge connections, and it all made its way into this collection.”

The first Kelly Rowland for JustFab collection drops today, with plus-size and wide-width/calf options for select styles, and new styles will be released on November and December 1st.

“We put together a really beautiful collection that I feel exemplifies style, but also doesn’t push you to break the bank. The fabric feels beautiful, the pieces are unique, but they all can stay in your closet for years to come,” she says. “They work for you, and I feel like they do all the thinking for you, which is how I shop, period.”

Though both parties only started working on the collection at the beginning of the summer, Rowland says there isn’t a piece that isn’t perfect.

“My favourite part of the process was being able to see how things came out. Like, you have a certain idea of how something will go in your head, and then it’s funny to see when you’re right and when you’re wrong,” she laughs, suggesting quite a few of her initial ideas ended up on the cutting room floor. “You know what I mean? Just the creativity of it all. The details, for me, really mean a lot.

“I love this one that I’m wearing now,” she says, sitting up straight to show me the sleeves of a soft beige co-ord. “I found myself wearing a lot of sets before I did the collaboration, so when it was time for us to do them, I was like, THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!”

It is clear, as she continues to discuss the finer details of the collection, that she is incredibly proud of what she’s created.