The 11 Best DIY Beauty Treatments for Your Skin and Hair, According to a TikTok Expert

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TikTok isn’t just a place to browse through the latest viral dance videos, although those are fun, too. If you search #beauty on TikTok, you’ll find that the hashtag has racked up over 27.3 billion views. The mega-popular social media platform has morphed into a digital hub for all things beauty—spanning from makeup tutorials to product reviews. The increasing popularity of beauty-focused content on the app has given rise to a number of beauty influencers who fill our feeds with fun bite-sized videos about the buzziest products, coolest treatments, and latest trends. 

Debbie Williams is one of the TikTok creators that stands out the most within the beauty space. She’s a hair loss specialist and board-certified nutritionist, and her channel, known as AskDebbieAboutHair, currently has over 400K followers. On her page, Williams helps people take a natural approach to beauty by showcasing how common foods can double as beauty treatments, and she provides such smart tips. From using tomatoes to treat sunburn to green tea for hair growth, we rounded up 11 of Williams’ best DIY beauty treatments. 

1. Tomatoes for soothing sunburns.

Tomatoes contain lycopene and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), which assist in repairing and renewing damaged skin. “Freeze some tomatoes, make it into a purée, and massage it into your skin afterward for about 10 to 15 minutes—it’s going to soothe that burn and heal that skin,” Williams says.

2. Flaxseed for curl definition.

Flaxseed contains Omega-3s, and it can boost hair growth and help define curls when applied topically to your hair. Williams makes her own flaxseed gel by mixing two cups of water and one cup of flaxseeds, then boiling it until it forms a gel-like consistency. From there, she applies her homemade gel to her freshly shampooed hair. The result? Curls that are absolutely popping.

3. Honey for hair hydration.

Want to amp up the moisture in your hair? Grab your favorite shampoo (make sure it’s sulfate-free and paraben-free) and add a tablespoon of raw honey to it. “Honey is a humectant and contains amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, so it moisturizes your hair and your scalp,” Williams says in her TikTok. “It’s good for someone who has dandruff or a dry scalp—that hair is going to have an amazing shine.”

4. Avocados for de-puffing under-eye circles.

If you have dark circles or puffy under-eyes, treat them with avocado. Avocados contain Vitamin K, which helps with blood clotting, strengthen capillaries, and with circulation. They are also rich in vitamin C which builds collagen and vitamin E which has anti-inflammatory properties. To use it as an eye treatment, mash up your avocado and apply it all around your eyes. Then, take a cold cloth and place it over your eyes for fifteen minutes. Watch Williams’ whole video to learn more.

5. Oranges for better hair health.

“Orange oil is amazing for the hair [as] it has vitamin C and collagen,” explains Williams in her TikTok video. “It can grow the hair and is amazing for dandruff


Trends you can DIY on the cheap without shopping

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If you have become obsessed with tidying up and getting rid of old clothes thanks to Marie Kondo’s technique just like the rest of the country, chances are you have a pile of items you wanna get rid of. Susana Victoria Perez has more.

Are you guilty of excessive online shopping during the pandemic? You’re not the only one.

While stores have largely reopened amid the pandemic, many consumers are still opting to shop from home. According to a new survey from PYMNTS, a business-to-business platform specializing in payments and commerce, nearly 36% of U.S. consumers are buying retail goods online as of May 23 – up from 29% in mid-April, when few shops were open.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a few new looks but trying to save money, put down your credit card and work with your existing wardrobe. Chances are, you have a lot of neglected clothes in your closet.

Here are seven easy and affordable fashion hacks to transform clothes you already own.

Secondhand style: 8 secrets for shopping used clothing and resale items online

How to style it yourself: TikTok is inspiring celebrity fashion trends from tie dye to straw hats

1. Tie-dye sweats 

Tying your clothes up with rubber bands will help you achieve the perfect tie-dye look. (Photo: SPENCER MORECROFT)

Many are sporting this comfortable and colorful look, but these sweat sets can range from $50 to $250. The look is easy to replicate at home with a fabric dye kit ($15 to $30).

All you have to do is find some white cotton sweatshirts, sweatpants, zip-up jackets or shorts (pre-wash if they’re new). Rinse your garments, rubber band them, then tie dye away – with as many or few colors as you’d like. Once you’re done, place the wet clothes in a plastic bag (to prevent a mess) for 6 to 8 hours before washing. 

So how many colors should you add? Alison Deyette, a style and beauty expert seen on the “Today” show and “Good Morning America,” suggests using four or more colors if you’re looking for a ’60s Grateful Dead vibe, but limiting yourself to one or two may help you achieve a more contemporary look.

Quarantine’s biggest DIY fashion trend: How to tie-dye any item of clothing

2. Acid-washed clothing

If the tie-dye is too colorful for you, no worries! You can create a vintage splattered look on your dark-colored T-shirts with some bleach or even stencil your own design with a Chlorox bleach pen.

“Draw a design, let it sit for an hour, and when you come back, it might get a little dry,” Deyette says. “Just brush off that top layer of the crustiness, let it sit again, then wash the item and you now have your own white design.”

3. Embroidered T-shirt pocket

An embroidery hoop will make it easier for you to sew a clean, cute pattern. (Photo: HOPEBROIDERY)

If you have a T-shirt that’s looking too plain, there’s an easy way


Beauty: As the A-list embraces DIY, our beauty guru Triona McCarthy is on board

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There’s a party goin’ on right here. A celebration to last throughout the years. So bring your Life mag and your going-out gear. We gonna celebrate with Party McCarthy, my dear! Come on now. Celebration. Let’s all celebrate and have a good time!

pologies to Kool and the Gang! Remember the time all the celebs were going make-up-free on Instagram when the lockdown first happened? Well now they’re all gone DIY-mad!

Taylor Swift kicked it all off when she did her own hair and make-up for the launch of her album folklore, and since then Meghan Markle, Lady Gaga and Jameela Jamil have all taken things into their own hands and applied their own maquillage.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I still love getting treated to a full face by the pros from time to time, but if we can achieve great looks at home, then why not make it an everyday thing? It always boosts my mood and sets me up for the day, anyway.

Basically, it’s all down to the products we pick, so this week I’ve a whole heap to run through to get you on the right track. From face treatments to new formulas, you’ll be DIY-ing in no time.

The Trend: Magic wand


Have you spotted yours truly in the Sculpted by Aimee Connolly official campaign yet? I took part to promote the Irish brand’s new range of concealers, Brighten Up, an under-eye liquid concealer; and Complete Cover Up Concealer, both pictured. One thing I couldn’t conceal is that I’m 47 and size 14 – smashing the beauty industry’s taboos – and I couldn’t be more proud. Just call me the next JLo. Working with me (all Covid -19 protocols were observed) was Missy Keating, who, at 19, is young enough to be my daughter. Such a fun day!


The Treatment: Face freshener


I believe the heart doesn’t wrinkle. Can’t say the same about my face, though, and with Will being nearly six years younger than me, I’m all about holding back the years, just like cougar Courtney Cox, pictured.

So when I heard that The Spa at The Merrion Hotel had undergone a revamp, I was in there like swimwear. It has a brand-new entrance on Fitzwilliam Lane, and I popped in for the Biologique Recherche Hydreclat facial, €115 (55 minutes).

This treatment uses the PIGM 400 range and a brightening serum to moisturise and rejuvenate tired-looking skin. There’s also a booster treatment that will tighten pores and make your complexion glow instantly.

My advice would be to box off a morning or afternoon for a bit of ‘me time’ and treat yourself at The Merrion hotel afterwards, too.

And why not top it all off with a nice autumnal walk in nearby Merrion Square?

The Talk: Home hair heroes


The Inkey List Amino Acid Anti-Gray Scalp Treatment

The Inkey List Amino Acid Anti-Gray Scalp Treatment

The Inkey List Amino Acid Anti-Gray Scalp Treatment


I’m always on the hunt for products that will seriously up the at-home hair-styling