Why Women Are More Spiritual Than Men?

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It is obvious that women seek Divine connections more so than men. When they attend Church they will often drag a husband, partner, or child with them, even though that person may not believe or even want to be there. Their different roles in life may have something to do with it as men are the more physical and the hunters during past lives. Women, on the other hand, nurture and teach the young.

The male of the species is tough, a fighter, and protector in general. They are the ones women look to for help and protection from things that may harm them. On the other hand, men are brutal. Look at what men are capable of when they go to war, fight each other in any setting, and murder and mayhem is usually on the agenda.

Men have caused the planet to go into steep decline in so many areas. That relates to a destructive attitude that women are far less likely to have. They follow orders in armies, social services, and other things where they are often called upon to deliver massive suffering and pain to the enemy.

Gouging out eyes, cutting hamstrings, chopping off limbs, dropping phosphorous bombs on innocent people, and blowing up homes, cities, communities, and so on. Nothing is spared when the male rises to deliver his punishment to others.

Can such a creature have a link to the Spirit of the Universe with all of that in mind? The answer is no, and it is not only men who do these things at this time.

Cruelty has become the norm in so many ways. Animals are targeted for no good reason but for sporting shooters. Gradually the effect of what men do and have done for several millennium while women were denied any part of it, is now taking effect. In this way God has preserved women as the most spiritual.

God created good and bad in the world and now is bringing it to a cataclysmic end. Men have been used to invent, create, destroy, and bring corruption and evil to it. Religions are man’s inventions and so too are the great list of heavenly saints, angels, and other things he promotes as being in heaven.

He dreamed of hell to reflect his own evil acts. What he didn’t know was that a time was coming when all will be revealed and the mysteries and gods he created will be dissolved. My reincarnation proved how wrong his dreams are and my commission to undo the lies is being fulfilled. All answers shown to me are available for free on the Internet, the tool God promised to appear at the end (Micah 4:1) so all will know the facts.

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