How to Plan a Surprise Anniversary Party Starting With Midnight Gift Delivery

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The 50th wedding anniversary is a milestone that should be celebrated by every couple. A half a century of love, laughter, and tears is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. Yet, many old couples are too shy to throw a lavish party on such a special occasion. Thankfully, executing a surprise anniversary celebration is very simple and can be planned by children or grandchildren. The reason for it is – over the years' books and books have been filled with memories which can be put to use for inspiration for the party.

Here is the step by step guide on how to arrange a surprise party that reminisces cherished memories and creates new unforgettable ones.

  • Start with a gift delivered at midnight

Since an important couple of the day has no idea that a party is planned to celebrate their 50th, the best strategy is to throw them off track even more. The advice is to order online or a small gift and get it delivered to their home at 12 am. The happy couple will be delighted with the present and believe that is the end of the celebration because a midnight delivery is special enough. This will ensure that you are not troubled with making certain that the surprise is not ruined by the couple before the party begins.

  • Move on to splendid invitations:

The next step after cake online or a gift online is to plan the invitations. A small get-together that includes only the closest friends and family or a lavish affair, both demand creative invites because the event is notable. Some simple ideas are:

  • Printing the favorite photo of the couple on the card
  • Using the same theme as that of the party décor
  • Taking inspiration from the sanctity and integrity of marriage
  • Deciding on the theme of the party:

Once the invites have been designed, printed and posted, think over the concept of the festivity. Traditionally, the theme of a 50th wedding celebration is gold, and the flowers that depict are Violets. Thus, ideally, the idea of ​​the party should be gold and violet. You can use the two colors to decorate the venue and even in the cards that are sent out to guests. For gifts to the couple of the day, you can use a gold watch or cufflinks for the man and gold jewelery for the woman.

For a more modern approach, you can pick a different theme. An example would be an old song or movie the couple has always loved. Or you can simply create a timeline of their 50 years together. Use pictures and videos of the past to create a walk down memory lane.

  • Choosing the menu of the night:

A delicious cake with excellent food and free-flowing drinks are the three tricks to an extraordinary party. Begin by carefully picking a 50th celebration cake. A good order cake online will help you select the most appropriate design. The ideal design would be a picture …


Surprise Fashion

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April Calahan, co-creator of Fashion and The Artwork of Pochoir, might be this year’s Friday Keynote speaker on Friday, October twenty first from 10:30-11:30am. L’ensemble est minimaliste. This weblog publish was written in collaboration with John Lewis, all styling, choices, phrases and opinions are my own.

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