The Collecta Bistahieversor Dinosaur Model Reviewed

Collecta Bistahieversor Dinosaur Model Reviewed

Collecta the figure and replica manufacturer based in the Far East have added a model of a Bistahieversor to their dinosaur and prehistoric animal replica range and the Collecta Bistahieversor is a credit to the model makers at the company. For many years, palaeontologists had been finding fragmentary fossils in New Mexico that hinted at the likelihood that the Upper Cretaceous rocks in the area preserved remains of a large Tyrannosaur. In 1995, the partial remains of a sub-adult, carnivorous dinosaur were found. In 1997, the discovery of a second specimen, an adult animal, was announced. It was from these fossils that Bistahieversor was named and described.

"Bistahi Destroyer"

At nearly nine meters in length and weighing more than two tonnes, Bistahieversor was a formidable predator. It lived around seventy-five million years ago and it was an ancestor of the later, more famous tyrannosaurids such as Daspletosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex. Ironically, this dinosaur had more teeth in its strong, powerful jaws than most of its more famous meat-eating relatives.

Bistahieversor sealeyi

This dinosaur species was only formally named and described back in 2010. The trivial name, otherwise known as the species name, honors Paul Sealey, a volunteer at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History who found the adult specimen in 1997.

Bistahieversor Model

The figure measures around eighteen centimetres long, but in reality the model is much larger than that as the black painted tail is curved round, back towards the hips. The model stands on a base and the model makers at Collecta even depict leaf fronds on the base of this replica, a nice touch of detail. However, judging by the carefully painted teeth in the open jaws, this dinosaur model would not have been interested in eating leaves, Bistahieversor was an apex predator, hunting and killing other large dinosaurs.

Not to Scale Replica

This figure is part of Collecta's not to scale dinosaur model range. It has been painted with alternating black and brown stripes with flashes of white on the flanks, the head and along the tail. The narrow skull possesses a small crest and directly in front of this, Bistahieversor has been given a red spot. It is a beautifully painted dinosaur.

Feathered Dinosaur

The texture of the skin indicates the presence of feathers. Scientists believe that many dinosaurs were covered in an insulating coat of feathers to help keep them warm. Although no direct evidence of the presence of feathers has been found with the Bistahieversor fossil remains, other Tyrannosaurs are believed to have been feathered and direct feather evidence has been discovered. This new figure represents the first model of an adult Tyrannosaur to be depicted as covered in a coat of feathers in the whole of the Collecta model range. This model is a must-have for dinosaur model collectors.

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