Top Tips for Finding the Right Suit for You

When it comes to looking good at the office or at a wedding, having the right suit can make all the difference. We’ve seen those guys who have worn suits where you can see the majority of their forearms and those other guys who have worn suits that they swim in. Neither are looks you want to aim for. Rather, you should utilize the tips below to ensure you get a suit that fits right and brings out your confidence.

The first tip for finding the right suit starts before you even head to the store or open your online browser to Groupon. You need to figure out what color suit you need. This will vary depending on the occasion and use of the suit. Most guys think that black is the opportune choice to fit any occasion. The truth is that black done wrong can look more like a uniform than a fitting piece. If you’re looking for a versatile suit, then you should go with a dark grey. It will fit into almost any occasion and doesn’t require much-added flare to look good

It’s important to note how one little difference in a suit can change the way people look at you. For example, the lapel cut on your suit jacket can make you look casual or powerful. If you’re going for the casual, teacher please don’t call on me look, then you want to get a regular notch lapel cut. If you’re going for the confident and sexy powerful look, then you should opt for the peak lapel cut.

The next tip we have for you is to get the number of buttons correct. Suit jackets come with one, two, or three buttons down the front. The traditional safe choice is the two-button jacket. This looks good on everyone and can ensure you don’t screw up your look. If you have a taller and skinner figure, then you can opt for the added flair that the one-button jacket brings. The three-button look will add a little bit more length and provide a more powerful look than the one or two buttons.

The last tip we’re going to give you to find the perfect suit for your body is to pay close attention to your shoulder size. The seam for the shoulders should be just outside of your own shoulders. It’s commonplace for men to opt for their regular size shirt and end up with a suit jacket that is way too bulky in the shoulders. You can avoid this mistake by trying on multiple jackets to see what the perfect fit will be for you. Remember that a tailor can work to fix other imperfections, like letting the jacket out a bit. However, a tailor is unable to fix the shoulder seams.

As you can see, there are many aspects that go into finding the right fitting suit. You should utilize the tips above to get you started on finding the suit of your dreams. Be sure that you always try on your suit and ensure you feel comfortable in it before you buy it.