Want to Achieve That Vintage Style Look in Your Home? – Vintage Wallpaper Is the Key!

The most crucial element when considering vintage style is to find a style that best matches your personality and likes. You may need to put in some valuable research time searching for vintage items such as furniture, ornaments & accessories. Perhaps the best advice is to start hunting in local antique stores, vintage shops, flea markets, and even online stores. Keep in mind to be patient when you are looking for vintage items and antiques as it can take some time to find that perfect piece, but the wait is almost always worth it, as you will achieve that much desired unique style in your own home. The quality of the items should be assessed carefully but one of the best things about vintage and antique items is the quality of craftsmanship meaning that they are often created with such quality that they can really stand the test of time, as well as being a great investment for the future.

There are several key areas that you should consider when styling your vintage home. There are chairs & sofas, storage furniture, tables, crockery, glasses, cushions, vintage bedding, and of course the delightful vintage wallpaper. If you want to achieve that vintage style look in your home, then vintage wallpaper is one of the most important areas for you to consider.

Vintage wallpaper holds such an important role in the vintage look and nowadays there are so many different varieties and styles available meaning that instead of leaving your wall plain and bare, you have the option of adding more elegance and style to the room simply by applying some vintage style wallpaper.

The many varieties of vintage wallpaper are truly endless, some of the more popular varieties such as vintage floral wallpaper can really bring back the original theme of the style as well as nostalgic memories from your childhood! Rose wallpaper is also very en-vogue at the moment and comes in a huge variety of patterns and colour options to suit any interior design scheme. The wonders of modern technology and the digital age mean that you can source both modern versions and also genuine vintage samples very easily online and from the comfort of your own home. Indeed quite often samples can be ordered from online stores and be with you in a matter of days giving you the confidence in making your final choice. You can purchase some of the best Vintage Wallpaper or remakes of the original patterns from specialist online stores and also some of the bigger stores such as Amazon, Etsy and eBay, where often a bargain can be had!

So, what can you do to emphasise vintage style in your home decoration?

Windows walls and fireplaces can be framed with wallpaper to create a beautiful feature wall, which acts as a focal point and draws the eye to the feature that you would like to show. There are so many different patterns of Vintage Wallpaper, from the floral to geometric shapes as well as the currently popular retro flock papers, and so you can pick which ever style is going to complement your chosen design and colour scheme best. Novelty papers and wall murals are also a great addition for your vintage home or perhaps consider making as a feature wall with some novelty vintage wallpaper in a child’s bedroom or nursery.

In the kitchen, vintage wallpaper can be used as a backsplash between the counter tops and kitchen cabinets. Quite often vintage wallpaper is splash resistant, but to further protect it, you may consider applying a perspex or glass cover as this will act as a great barrier and can also enhance the look of the paper and ensure its durability over time.

As well as using vintage wallpaper on your walls, you can also use it for lining your cabinets, shelves, armoires, etc and as a great way of up-cycling some older furniture to make that much loved piece come alive again and saving you money at the same time. You really can make some big changes by using some pretty vintage paper and by creating a beautiful and very stylish look and feel to your home.

Don’t forget to arrange your favourite accessories and collectibles that you may have obtained over the years or consider adding some fresh new items to complement your new look such as a gorgeous glass retro oversized vase with some delightful vintage flowers, as this kind of accessorising will help to accentuate your new style and really set off your vintage wallpaper.

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