Weight Training for Women, What Are the Myths?

Weight Training for women, so what are the myths? Well the first one as far as I am concerned is that women who weight train can end up looking like muscle bound body builders. Now if you want to achieve that goal then that is okay, but the vast majority of women just want a sleeker toned body.

So can women train with weights without putting on all the bulk often associated with this form of exercise? Well the answer is down to one word, testosterone.This is the most important reason why men get bulky. It is due to the metabolic and hormonal differences between the sexes. Testosterone is primarily a male hormone and it is just not physiological possible for women to become muscle bound like men, so please, let go of this misconception about weight training.

What weight training does for a women, is add firmness and strength to muscles either specific muscle groups, like abs and glutes or to the general well being of the person taking part in training. It is often said that only aerobic training allows women to lose weight quickly as it is proven that it sheds the calories, but weight training speeds up the metabolism and helps change the body shape over a period of time.

What are the best ways to achieve this as a beginner? Again one of the myths is that weight machines are for women and free weights are for men. Free weights are one of the best ways to target specific muscle groups and quickly start to see definition in those muscles.

Usually women should try and combine weight training with some form or aerobic exercise and try and do this 3 to 4 times a week. Alternating the training sessions and targeting different muscle groups and keeping the sets low around four or five sets and 6 to seven repetitions in each set.

Start with low weights, this way you can do the required number of sets and repetitions without putting unnecessary strain on the targeted muscle groups and over a period of 4 weeks you can gradually increase the weight, but keep the sets and reps the same.

The best way to achieve your weight loss target is to have a plan, without one you can end up getting bored or risk becoming un-motivated. If your target is to get into a new item of clothing, then as part of your plan have a picture of the clothing in your plan, it will give you a reminder every time you exercise why you are doing it.

Also remember it is just as bad to "over" exercise as it is to "under" exercise. Aim to exercise no more than 5 times a week and try to stick to around 60 minutes of exercise and if you alternate between weight training and aerobic exercise, it will give you muscle groups time to recover and reduce the strain you could put onto your muscles by over working them.

Your diet is an important part of your weight training plan, there is no point in spending time training and ignore you food intake. Having a calorie controlled eating plan in conjunction with your exercise plan is of utmost importance.

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