What is the history of the grandad collar shirt?

Fashion often repeats itself. Older styles are seen as retro, and we often enjoy wearing a modernised version of what our parents would have worn at the same age. This applies even to older styles, too, like the Grandad collar shirt. What exactly is it, where did it come from, and how should people wear it today?

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Small beginnings

Like a lot of fashions, this particular shirt style had fairly humble beginnings. It began as the clothing item of choice with blue collar workers during the 1920s and 1930s; it was practical because you didn’t have to wear a tie with it. The absence of a tie meant that they could avoid getting drawn into the machines they worked with and being seriously injured. In the past, they had simply cut off their collars, so the idea of a collarless shirt was very welcome.

The Grandad collar shirt also had its uses in the military, where fashions like double-breasted jackets also originated because of their practicality. Again, the lack of a neck-chafing collar and the cost of production made it an attractive choice for those in the armed forces. Made in natural, earthy colours, these shirts were designed to be lightweight and breathable. Nowadays,

of course, workwear has moved on drastically, so the Grandad collar was drawn away from the world of necessity and into the world of fashion.

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A modern fashion

Since its birth into the fashion scene, the Grandad collar shirt has evolved and changed in its use, but it has always been a staple of the wardrobe. It’s even in the top 20 items to own on Esquire. Farah Shirts have championed this style, along with other leaders in the industry. Many people still favour the more neutral colour range, with grey, burgundy and navy blue all being

universally popular. These colours are available everywhere, from online stores like https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah to leading fashion retailers on the high street.

They’re easily paired with a simple pair of chinos or dark jeans, and they toe the line between smart and casual. This versatility means that one can wear them with almost anything and that they’re unlikely to suddenly go out of fashion. Grandad shirts have always been around, and they’re definitely here to stay.