What Qualities in Guys Attract Women?

In the time where dating is quite prominent and love is celebrated every day, men have a fair chance of finding their true love with women of all shapes, sizes, and personalities. However, when it comes to women selecting their soul mates, things get difficult because it is an emotional affair. The women population can get very choosy while opting for the opposite sex that is actually worthy of attracting.

This article comes as a ray of hope for guys who are patiently waiting to be chosen by the right women. It talks about the qualities in men that women find quite attractive.

1. Groomed personality
The very first thing that catches a woman's attention is a smartly dressed male who knows what suits him. Starting from the proper hair cut to the clean face, right fitted clothes, clean personality and a good pair of shoes. You must have heard that the first impression is the last one. Well, it is not the last but it definitely helps in building the character in her eyes. Being the first step towards attracting women, you need to take good care of yourself because if you can't do it, why would someone else do it for you.

2. Improve the listening skills
Every woman loves to talk and all she needs is someone who can hear her out to the fullest. You might not be a good listener but you have to be one if you really want a woman to pay attention to you. All she wants is that you listen to her problems, her daily schedule, and everything else as well. However, this is what happens when you are already in the relationship with her. Initially, you just have to stay calm and listen out the chit chat she intends to do with you. This is the probably the easiest way to a woman's affection.

3. Be kind and act as one
You must have heard the idiom, practice what you preach. This aspect is somewhat like that. You need to be kind at heart in order to gain the affection of the woman. However, being kind at heart and not practicing it in the outside world is of no use. You talk about being kind to others but do not practice it yourself, you might lose the girl of your life. Take things gently but remember to not be fake at any point in life. Let her see the real you who is kind at heart and also believes in doing good for the others.

4. Make sure your body is in sync with your lips
Body language is what this aspect talks about. Whenever you are communicating with a female, it is very important the body language is in sync with the words that come out of your mouth. Women have the ability to judge men really well and when it comes to love or dating, they do it exceptionally well. Remember that the slow and steady wins the race. Be the tortoise of the store and you'll be the winner of the race called dating.

5. Don't hurry to the bedroom
Probably in continuation to the above aspect, you might be all set with your g-string or other men's underwear style for the making things happen, you must make sure that you don't take it all in a rush. Take it slow, know her well and let her give you the hint of taking things to the next level.

Be the good guy or the bad one, you now know what makes you attractive to women.

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