What To Say At Your Son's Wedding

In traditional weddings only the best man does a speech for the groom but these days it is becoming more and more common for the father of the groom to say a speech at his son's wedding. I think this is great because although the best man will know your son very well, surely you must know your son better than anyone.

OK so let's talk about what to say at your son's wedding. There are many things you can talk about but you need to remember what the father of the groom speech is all about. Generally the speech needs to show your bond or relationship with your son and need to make sure that he and his new wife have your blessing. The best father of the groom speeches are ones that are funny but emotional at the same time.
Other important things to do in your speech are welcome and thank all of the guests at your son's wedding. Thank them for their support and for making the wedding day a great day. You can also pass on some advice to your son. This could be marriage advice or just general life advice if you are not in a position to give marriage advice. So let's look at what kind of structure you can use to build a father of the groom speech.

So first of all you want to get everyone's attention. You can do this by starting your speech with a small joke or by using a famous quote that everyone will know. Then you can go into to welcome everyone to the wedding and thank them for coming. Now you need to share a couple of stories or experiences that you and your son have experienced. Funny stories work really well but you need to make sure that any funny stories that you tell do not embarrass you son.

Finding the right kind of jokes for a wedding speech can be difficult. But the father of the groom speech needs to be slightly funny I personally think. So one tip I will share now is that you can aim the joke at yourself. Anything that you have done that you can link to the wedding and marriage would make a great wedding joke.

You need to then make a few nice complements about the bride, say have lovely she is and how she has changed your son for the better. Thank her family and welcome them to your family. Now all is left is your final advice to your son and your blessing. I hope now that you know what to say at your son's wedding. I was there once thinking "what to say at my son's wedding". Make sure you give yourself the time to write a speech and try not to worry too much. Start brain storming and writing ideas down. This way you can simply put everything together when you know what you want to say.

I wish you the best of luck and remember do not panic and I hope you have a great day at your son's wedding.

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