Wholesale Infant Gifts: Types of Baby Bib Gift Sets

There are already so many concerns that new, and even veteran parents have when it comes to having children. Though one might not think of baby bib gift sets as a huge concern, they are very important and have many different options available to pick from. This article will ease at least some stress for parents by comparing and contrasting the four main types of baby bib gift sets that are available.

The Traditional Bandana Bibs

When one thinks of baby bib gift sets, these are probably the first ones that come to mind because they are the most popular. There are many different styles that match many different baby outfits. On the underside, they have a thin layer of fleece that makes them comfortable and they also have a water resistant backing that makes them practical and tremendously absorbent. They are easy to afford and carry around because they are usually a soft fabric that's easy to fold. Bandana Bibs often come in multi-packs because of the one main drawback; They stain very easily. Bright colors and designs often conceal these stains, but it will still be clear that the bibs are used often.

Throwaway Bibs

Bibs that also come in multi-packs (usually 30 or so) are throwaway bibs, also known as disposable bibs. These bibs have simpler designs than bandana bibs because they are usually made of a fabric called strengthened paper. This does however give them an additional purpose because they can be used as a towel to clean up any surrounding messes the baby might leave after eating. They are ideal for holidays and emergencies because of the easy clean up and accessibility. There is only one main downside, depending on the manufacturer and how often they are used; they can get expensive.

Cover-All Bibs

Another slightly more expensive type of bib is the cover-all bib. These are typically used for toddlers and made of a plastic-coated material, which can sometimes be uncomfortable for the child. While these can be used for messy activities other than eating, some kids may feel uncomfortable being covered from head to toe. However if there isn't much protest from the child, they have many different designs like the bandana bib and are easy to thoroughly clean like the throwaway bib.

Plastic Scoop Bibs

Similar to the cover-all bibs this form is obviously also made of plastic. The difference is their design is more like bandana bibs with a 'catch' tray attached to the bottom. The greatest advantage to these toddler aprons is that they can be used in the dishwasher. They are also great for children who are learning to eat by themselves. Parents must be careful for those troublemaker children though because some kids often like to just pour their food into the tray. Since plastic tends to be a little stiffer than the other soft fabric bibs, this type of bib may be a little uncomfortable as well.

Parents should consider their price range, their child's personality, and how much time they have for cleaning up after their child. When factoring in these categories, and the descriptions above parents should have no problems at all concerning baby bib gift sets!

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