Women and Her 40's

Women are a wonderful creation of God and play a precious role in our lives. After her birth, she has to play different roles at different phases of life. Whether she is a daughter, a wife or a mother, she always tries to give her best everywhere. She may even sacrifice her health to take care of her family. Then she turns 40 and starts facing certain health issues.

Women over 40 may face changes like:

Lack of activity: It is recommended that women above 40 should engage themselves in the proper schedule of physical exercises for at least 30 minutes a day. This will keep them active during their daily activities. Generally, women do not follow this schedule, because of which they feel less active during this stage of their lives.

Lack of strength: As soon as we cross 40 our bones tend to get weak and women start to feel a lack of strength in their body.

Sleepless nights: Sleeping for lesser hours are a very common problem found among women over 40's. This happens mostly due to the hormonal changes that occur inside their body at this age, which is scientifically known as menopause.

Less immunity: It is also found that there is lack of immunity in women above 40, which has drastically led to increase in the number of women who suffer from breast cancer and other deadly diseases these days.

Uncontrolled body weight: With age, most of the women get less focused towards their diet, which moreover lead to increase in body weight with time.

Six essentials every woman over 40 shall follow:

Regular intake of fish: It is recommended that every woman shall have at least two servings of fish per week. Fish contains healthy fats like salmon and trout. If eating fish is a problem, it can also be replaced with fish oil.

Eat food rich in calcium: Once we cross 40, our calcium intake shall be more. To complete that requirement we can choose low-calorie products which have roughly the same amount of calcium as their full-fat counterparts.

Eat soy: Soy contains plant estrogens, so many women think that eating soya can lead to breast cancer. This misconception comes from studies related to high dose soy intake. Otherwise soy food like tofu, soy nuts and soy milk may give relief from hot flashes during menopause.

Less intake of alcohol: We all know that access to everything has been always bad especially when we are talking about alcohol. After a certain age, it is very much necessary that we keep a check on our alcohol intake. It has been found that women who consume an excess of alcohol are more likely to suffer from stress or breast cancer. So, it is recommended for women over 40 to control their drinking habits with time to avoid such health issues.

Choose cool and decaffeinated drinks: Women must replace warm drinks with cool and decaffeinated drinks. It becomes very helpful for menopausal women as it also provides relief from hot flashes. Drinking less alcohol can also help in reducing a risk for breast cancer in women.

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