Xbox Series X/S Would Support Accessories Supporting IR From The Older Consoles Confirms Xbox Official

Xbox Series X/S and the PS5 are just a couple of weeks away. This means that these boxes are going to fly off the shelves in hours. When choosing between the two though, you may wonder which route to go. Of course, true Xbox players may choose to stick to their brand. Xbox does manage to give them a reason to do so. As far as we know, Xbox has paid quite a lot of attention to retaining its customers. Perhaps one of those things has to be backwards compatibility with the games. Secondly, the company did promise that accessories from the Xbox One would run on the new Xbox Series X and Series S.

This Tweet from Larry Hryb, the Director for Programming at Xbox Live confirms this. According to his tweet, as promised, the Xbox One accessories would work with the next generation of consoles. People were worried whether their media remotes would work too. Just to rectify that and affirm those people, the tweet adds that the designing team added an IR receiver to pairing or “bind” buttons of the console. Just to reiterate, these are the buttons you press in order to pair your controllers to the console. The IR receivers are embedded in those and users can easily bring forward their accessories to the new consoles.

This is a good initiative, something the people over at Sony should consider as well. People often spend hundreds of dollars on added accessories because new consoles act as entire entertainment systems. These accessories should not go to waste with a new iteration, especially when these aren’t any “upgrades” to the system or the technology, for that matter.

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