Bullyland Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Model Reviewed

The second dinosaur model to be introduced by Bullyland this year is a replica of the huge, Late Cretaceous duck-billed dinosaur known as Lambeosaurus. The model has been added to the German company’s “Prehistoric Life” range of replicas and figures and the Lambeosaurus is currently the only member of the Hadrosaur family represented in the range.

One of the largest of the Lambeosaurine Hadrosaurs, or to be more precise, one of the largest Lambeosaurines known from North America, Lambeosaurus is famous for having a “hatchet-shaped” head crest. In this new replica, the head crest is painted scarlet, which contrasts nicely with the blue coloured back and more subdued brown and tan tones of the flanks and the tail.

Four-legged Stance of a Herbivorous Animal

Although regarded as a facultative biped, that is, an animal that usually walked on four legs but could if it wanted to, resort to a bipedal stance, the Lambeosaurus figure has been posed in a very dynamic position. The model is balanced on three legs, with the right rear leg raised off the ground if this dinosaur is walking or even trotting along. This is a very unusual stance for such a replica, most duck-billed dinosaur toys tend to be posed in a bipedal position with their long tail resting on the ground. This new for 2014 addition to the Bullyland range has its long, narrow tail held clear off the ground.

Fine Details Can be Made Out

Lots of fine detailing can be made out, the beak, for example is broad and spatulate in shape. This accurately reflects the known fossil material. The eyes are positioned correctly in the skull and even the tiny holes in the side of the head which comprised this dinosaur’s ears can be made out. The figure measures a fraction under twenty-seven centimetres in length from that long tail raised off the ground to the tip of this dinosaur’s broad beak.

Hand-painted by Bullyland

The German manufacturer is keen to point out that every replica they make in this particular model series is hand-painted and the painting and finish on this plant-eating, prehistoric animal is excellent. The size of this figure means that it works well with other dinosaur models made by Bullyland such as their Tyrannosaurus rex and the very rare Ankylosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus models.

All in all this is a well crafted figure, one that depicts this large member of the Ornithischian dinosaurs as a fast-moving, active, dynamic animal. We recommend this model to prehistoric animal model collectors and dinosaur fans alike. If Bullyland operate a similar policy with this Lambeosaurus as they have done with other figures, this model will soon be retired making it highly collectible and prized.

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