Children badly injured after buggy somersaults down shopping centre escalator – World News

This is the harrowing moment two small children were left with nasty injuries after a pushchair plunged down an escalator at a shopping centre.

The pram somersaulted down the staircase in what was every parent’s worst nightmare.

The horrifying incident took place in Moscow, Russia, last week.

Police are said to be investigating to establish the whereabouts of the guardians with no adults seen in the clip.

CCTV shows two children – one wearing red and one in pink – holding a buggy at the top of the escalator.

They move forward, trying to navigate the escalator as they attempt to get to the lower floor.

The children are left alone at the top of the shopping centre escalator

The stroller then goes head over heels, taking the kids with it.

It flips three times before one of the children ends up upside down.

One child at the top then appears to run for help.

The two children were left with nasty head injuries after the horror fall.

Moscow police are now searching for their parents

Russian news website reports the incident happened at a mall in Andropova Avenue in south Moscow.

The seven-second clip has left everyone demanding to know when the parents were at the time.

Authorities are now reportedly investigating how it happened.

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