Conductor’s Surprise Toy Train Gift Delights Beverly 3-Year-Old

BEVERLY, MA — Noontime has long been a special time for Tan Tran and his son, Aidan, at the North Beverly commuter station.

That’s the time of day when two trains coming in opposite directions pass each other in a rush to 3-year-old Aidan’s delight. The father and son try to make it to the station to catch the magic moment in the eyes of Aidan each day they can.

“Our interaction was just waving at them,” Tan Tran told Patch. “That was about it. We just wave at the trains and he gets excited. He does a little excitement dance.”

Tran said a couple of weeks ago they noticed the conductor of the train started waving back.

“The conductor stuck out his head one day and said you guys make our day when we come by,” Tran said.

Then on Wednesday it was the commuter rail crew’s turn to make Aidan’s day as they got out of the train at the stop and handed Aidan a toy train set.

“He was shocked,” Tran said. “He really didn’t know how to react. He didn’t realize the gesture. He just took it and he gave them a high five.

“He didn’t fully express his excitement until he got home and brought it in the house. He immediately wanted to play with it.”

Three-year-old Aidan Tran plays with the toy train a commuter rail crew surprised him with this week. (Tan Tran)

Tran said now his son takes the train set everywhere he goes.

“He takes it on his naps,” he said. “When I put him down for his nap, he puts it on the table next to him and says: ‘train nap.'”

Tran posted the interaction on his Instagram page and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s Facebook page re-posted the photos.

Tan Tran, Aidan’s father, said his son takes the toy train with him everywhere, including nap time. (Tan Tran)

Tran said he began to receive lots of messages thanking him for posting a feel-good story in a time when much of the news is filled with conflict.

“This is like a positive story,” he said. “With everything going on, it’s tough to find a positive light out there. This gesture reminded me there is kindness out there still. You have to look at everything in a positive way. Everything is so negative these days.

“This is the positivity everyone needed.”

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Posted by Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

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