Cyber Monday: The Ideal Gift For Families

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Discover your ethnic origins and find new relatives with a simple cheek swab DNA test
Discover your ethnic origins and find new relatives with a simple cheek swab DNA test (Image Credit (

The saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” only rings true to some extent. When we’re separated from loved ones and dear friends, why not bring them closer and gift them with the gift of family history with MyHeritage’s Cyber Weekend offers.

For those curious family members and friends who are fascinated with discovering their ethnicity breakdown and finding new relatives, the MyHeritage DNA Kit is the perfect gift for them.

The MyHeritage DNA kit offers a detailed ethnicity breakdown with one of the most comprehensive lists of ethnicities in the industry from 42 regions. The test is easy to use: a simple cheek swab that takes only 2 minutes to complete. Furthermore, our huge global DNA matching database enables you to find new relatives from all over the world.

MyHeritage’s limited-time holiday sale is our lowest ever price, with 50% off… only $39. We can even gift-wrap it for you!

MyHeritage DNA Kit includes:

● Ethnicity estimate (42 supported ethnicities)

● DNA Matches

● Discover and connect with new relatives

● Utilize advanced tools for genetic genealogy

● Explore exact relationship paths

● Receive a comprehensive breakdown of origins

● Available in 42 languages

For Cyber Monday, you can purchase the MyHeritage DNA kit for just $39, down from $79.

For more information about Cyber Weekend promotions, visit here.

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