Direct Mail and Direct Mail Marketing for Racquetball Clubs

Direct mail and direct-mail marketing works very good for many types of businesses and one of the businesses that it works extremely well for is racquetball clubs. If you own a racquetball club then it you need to get new people and to try it out and sometimes it is best to send out direct-mail coupons in those direct-mail marketing coupon packages to all the zip codes within your local area.

I recommend using a 15 mile radius model and send out your direct-mail marketing discount coupon packages to all the residents within those areas. Remember that many people who join racket clubs are singles and or retired people and therefore it makes sense to send to your target market areas more than once. It is recommended that you send out direct-mail marketing packages every three months to the target areas and every six months to the non-target areas or those areas where fewer single people live.

One-way to get new clients and is to have special programs which train people and teach people about racquetball. Introductory class offers are very good to get new clientele and then once they come you can kill them with kindness and great customer service to make them regular customers. Direct mail and direct-mail marketing coupon packages work very good for racquetball companies and clubs. Please consider all this in 2006.

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