How is women’s watch different from men’s watch?

The male and female accessories, clothes and many other products have distinct designs, stitch, pattern etc. The reason behind creating a difference in the accessories and clothing is the nature’s valuable separation between the two genders. Here, we are discussing some differences you may find in women and men watches around the world. At you can find a versatile range of male and female watch collection. So, let’s figure out some basic differences you may encounter while selecting a male and female watch at the online store-

A smaller dial

 The timepiece in any brand for women has a smaller dial in order to give a distinct look from the men’s watch. No matter the pattern of the timepiece model remains the same, but their sizes may vary. Usually, a basic ladies watch timepiece size varies from 20mm to 27mm, while men watches have a bigger dial size varies from 35mm to 55mm.

Straps of the watch

 The most common and eye catchy difference you will find in women and men watch at are of straps. Male designer watches have leather straps with a checkered design, plain musk design or have a matte finish leather pattern. While ladies designer watches always have a shine in leather straps, available in bold colors, floral patterns or some prints are given to match with their outfits. However, another major difference found in sports watch for male and female watches are that male watch has a lot of functions such as chronograph, auto calendar or three dial sections. In the female watches water resistance feature, stopwatch, calendar or date changing feature may be striking, but chronograph sometimes missing. If in case a watch made for women have all the above-mentioned male watch features, then again the timepiece size is smaller.

Adornment accessories for watches

It is obvious to find a difference in a woman’s watch and a man’s watch as a woman watch may have diamond studded on each numbered segment. Mostly, the color of the diamond is silver and dial color is white. While male watches have variant adornments such as a change in dial color or two-tone colors on the timepiece. Since fashion statements have altered a lot, diamonds in male watches are also found prominently. You can see a complete inner circle studded with diamonds while outer section remains simple and sober.

The weight of the watch

 A man’s watch is considerably heavier in weight than a woman’s watch. The reason behind using lightweight machinery for women watches is to give their delicate wrist a sense of comfort. A male wrist looks fuller and broader with a large size timepiece which is quite heavy in size.

Least difference in couple watches

Yes, you may find the least difference in a couple watch set. Mostly, brands offer couple watches that are similar in looks to bring affection and a sense of connection between the two. The difference is only found slightly in the size and weight of the watch. Otherwise, the entire timepiece designing is done on the same pattern to give it a look of couple accessory. The color of the straps, material i.e. metal straps or leather straps shape will be the same. The thickness of the straps may vary in some brands, but mostly they are almost the same. Timepiece features are similar such as minute, second and hour needle sections given individually. Automatic time setting feature is also similar, whereas the weight of the watch will have a vast difference. So, next time when you are surfing online for the women watch, make sure you select some beautiful pieces without using the filters given in the category section of the web portal.

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