How To Become a Male Model

Here’s an insight of the male modeling industry, it is not as competitive as the female industry BUT the competition is still fierce. Just so you know, being a male model is not as easy as it looks, unlike what you usually see on your screens. This industry requires you to commit your life to it, that means you got to cut off all your bad boy habits that your momma’ have been telling you since you were in high school, stop complaining about everything because if you do, you will be out of the industry in no time. It requires as much discipline as a martial art student or an Olympic athlete. So are you still in for it or out?

If you’re still up for it, let’s go! To break into the modeling business as a man is somewhat less demanding than it is for ladies, since male models don’t need to meet the same inflexible physical prerequisites constantly and has a longer ‘shelf life’. Shelf life means the potential duration of you working in the industry.


Before you embark on your hopeful male modeling journey, you must first know and decide what kind or type of modeling you want to break into. Print? Commercial? High Fashion? Health and fitness? They all have equal amount of opportunities for you to grab so don’t think of ‘hmmm should I pick this because it pays more? Or it has more opportunities?’ Opportunities are only up for grabs if you’re suitable for it. If you’re 5ft7 and wants to venture into high fashion modeling because ‘it has more opportunities compare to others’ you are so wrong. It’s all about the right guy for the right jobs.


With that being done, next is what usually Tyra would say “Do you have what it takes to be on top?” Although is pretty sad to know but the modeling industry run on exquisite looks and physicality. Although the requirements for male are slightly more flexible compare to women, as said earlier. There are still basic requirements that you need to meet.

1. Height

-5’11” to 6’2″

2. Weight

– Typically 64kg-75kg but it varies depending on your BMI (Body Mass Index)


No, not your usual Tequila shots. Up next, get some good head, half body and full body shots! Get a friend who’s an experienced photographer to help you! Or if you don’t have any, you can ask around or just pay someone to get it done. Just make sure not to splurge too much on it. Here’s an important tip: Every time you get photos taken, get a model release form from the company or photographer to ensure where your photos are going to and what is it going to be use as.

These photos will serve as your temporarily portfolio until you get sign into an agency. You will be attaching these photos in your emails to send off to agencies of your choice. Here’s another tip: Don’t shoot nudes unless is for professional work. You don’t want your explicit pictures to be up on some dodgy websites don’t you?


Modeling agencies do have open calls, allowing models who are interested to come in to audition. Open calls are usually extremely crowded, queue can last for hours. It can tick you off or be nerve-wrecking because imagine this, you queue for almost 5 hours in a room flooded with tall, young, gorgeous, hot men with aesthetic body builds just like you to be seen by agents for only a couple of minutes and is not a guarantee they will sign you on the spot. They need a few days to come out with a shortlist and only will they let you know your result. However, long queues may be worth the wait because instead of just exchanging emails for days, you get to see them straight. Of course, it’s also all about the experience!

TIPS: Bring some snacks to munch on or a book to read while waiting. Keep yourself entertained!


You should get an agency as soon as possible but that doesn’t mean settling down with whatever that’s good for now. There are some modeling agencies who specializes in male modeling only. If you could find an agency like that, sure go ahead! Nevertheless most agencies include both male and female. Ensure you ask all the questions that is needed to be asked. Get crystal clear information before signing away your modeling life. However, try your very best to avoid scams. Agencies who ask you to pay thousands for your registration fee/ portfolio or anything are something you want to look away. There are agencies out there who are ready to drain every single cent from your wallets and ‘promises’ you a lot of jobs at the start of your career. No jobs come in quick and easy when you’re a new face. In the end they leave you in despair, jobless and maybe in debt. That’s why you’ve to ensure you do background search of every agency you find interest in. Once you’ve done everything needed and the agency is legitimate, put your signature down on the dotted lines!

TIP: Get an attorney to read through your contract and make sure he/she gives you a green light on it because you don’t want to sign your career away to a company who’s not going to make full use of you and paints false dreams.

Once you’ve settle down, your agency will send you off to a bunch of test shoots and go-sees to help build your portfolio and gain some constructive critics from editors, agents and clients to prepare you for the industry. When you attend for all these go-sees, remember to always:


– Be yourself and professional at the same time. Clients wants to see your character and how you work as a model. Greet and say your goodbyes every time you walk in and out of any room.

– Always, always, be on time. Do you know how embarrassing it is to be late?

Now that you’re a model, there are some regimes you must apply into your lifestyle to keep you in good shape and looking hella’ fine at all times.

1. Eat clean and throw that oily, juicy fried chicken away.

– Consuming healthy foods are one of the key to having healthy looking body, happier mood and feeling good about yourself.

2. Sweat it off at the gym!

Hitting the gyms and working it out is also another important key to maintaining a good physique.

Having a good body is what helps you land fashion and print jobs.

To sum this up, this is how you be a male model! Continue to work hard and strive for the best. You never know maybe when girls Google ‘top 10 hottest male model’, your handsome chiseled face would be there on the list.

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