How Your Emotional State Reflects Your Clothing Choices

Emotional health and moods can greatly affect the clothing choices you make. It is therefore not surprising or wrong to say that you are what you wear. It is simply because people around you can guess a lot about your personality depending on the clothes you wear. Everyone has a personal style and clothing preferences and most of the time it is dictated by the mind. The type of clothes you wear and the colors that you choose can reflect your emotional state.

Clothing Types and Emotional State
Males and females have standard ways of dressing, but people choose their outfits and combinations with the aim of creating a particular appearance. In essence, when you dress to your age, you tend to be looked at as more confident and comfortable with who you are. But when you dress too young for your age or too old for it, then it conveys that you are not very confident in your own skin. You dress so as to hide areas you are not happy with and have not accepted and this can get very demanding to keep up with. Clothes that are too tight or too loose, too revealing or too conservative can all go a long way in reflecting the emotional state you are in.

Clothing Colors and Emotional State
Apart from the fit, the colors that you select to wear on a daily basis or the colors that you have in your closet can also tell about your emotional state. People can judge your moods and feelings based on what colors you choose to wear. Many people don't realize this, but the fact is that your inner feelings can dictate what colors you feel like wearing on certain days or the colors that you simply find appealing and suitable for you on a general level.

Red is a bold color; it symbolizes vivaciousness, sexuality and authority. It can affect your attention span and can show a positive attitude towards life when worn especially by women. The same however goes for men who show their bold side wearing the red color.

Blue on the other hand is more relaxed and tranquil and might show how calm and creative your inner self is. This calming color is loved by many and it can actually work in changing your moods when you are feeling low. It can reflect peace and openness on the emotional part.

Black clothes are loved because they are easy to work with, they pair well with other colors, are formal, slimming and very elegant. However, the color is associated with aggressiveness. Green on the other hand has a way of showing trustworthiness and positivity and can be used to induce creative moods. Orange shows a caring, positive emotional state because it is warm and vibrant, whereas people can create a great sense of leadership and regality.

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