How Your Life STYLE Affects Your Life?

Instead of running away, from your perceptions, beliefs, desires, and determining, take charge of your life STYLE , and focus, on your best, possible direction! Don't be overly, led, by what others, may, say, or do, but, rather, proceed forward, in a focused manner, in order, to make yourself, as happy, and self – satisfied, as possible! Don't try to keep up with the Joneses, or become, just another member of the pack, when, each of us, are different, with varying needs, goals, goals, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, the relationship between, your lifestyle, how you make your decisions, and, its relevance, to overall health, happiness , and well – being.

1. Solutions; sustainable; serve (you); stronger / strength: Wouldn't you, be better off, if you emphasized, proceeding forward, in the best way, which serves you, your needs, goals, and implications? Instead of, just, trying to fit – in, it's wise to focus on viable solutions, which are relevant and sustainable! Take the time to, identify, your strengths and weaknesses, and learn to effectively use, areas of strength, while addressing any weakness!

2. Timely; trends; time – tested; tendencies: Which of your personal tendencies, might make the most difference, for the better, for you? Learn many trends, and consider, which ones, might make you feel better, about your life! Take advantage of, while, avoiding, overly, relying on, time – tested ways, avoiding any tendency, to procrastinate, and take well – considered, timely actions!

3. You; your; yes: It's your life, but, if you fail to say, yes, to the possibilities, you'll never become, as happy, or content, as possible!

4. Listen; learn; lessons: Use every conversation, and experience, to gain greater judgment, expertise, and wisdom, by learning lessons, from everything you do, and see! When we effectively, listen, and consistently, learn, we maximize our overall potential!

5. Energize / energy; emphasis; excellence; endurance: When you're happy, you generally proceed, with far more energy, and overall endurance! Try to energize yourself, by becoming the type of person, you would respect, and like! Place your emphasis, where it enhances your ability to proceed, with the utmost degree of personal excellence, instead of simply, good – enough!

When we feel, better about ourselves, and the way, we live our life, we generally, become happier, and, often, live a healthier existence! Let your STYLE help, to make you, the best, you can be!

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