Hunt for mystery wedding couple captured in breathtaking Edinburgh Castle photo

Matt Blaikie captured this stunning moment in someone's wedding - but who are they?
Matt Blaikie captured this stunning moment in someone’s wedding – but who are they?

City snapper Matt Blaikie took the image, which shows the couple alone on the deserted street, with the world-famous landmark behind them.

However, while they were already being photographed at ground level, they had no idea their special moment was also captured from up high.

Now he wants to find the newly-weds so he can give them a print of the moment he captured them on camera.

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The couple in question were stood at the top of the Royal Mile on Sunday evening between 4.30pm and 5pm.

Matt is hoping readers will be able to help get the word out to help him track down the couple and give them a gift.

“I had been hoping to get a sunset as Saturday’s had been amazing, but it was pretty cloudy.

“I looked down and saw them, it was the perfect opportunity. It was just a case of me just being there in the right place at the right time.

“They had a photographer on the ground there, so they were pretty well lit-up.

“You really couldn’t get a better backdrop.

“It’s not the sunset I was after but I certainly didn’t come away empty-handed.”

Matt said he would love to track down the couple and give them a gift.

He said: “It just seemed like such a beautiful moment. They just made it look so special.

“I’m hoping to find them so I can offer them the print, free of charge of course, and it might make the day a wee bit more special for them.”

Were you the couple who had their photos taken in front of Edinburgh Castle on Sunday, November 29?

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