Illinois mayor Steve Chirico shamed for maskless wedding

A bride holds a bouquet

A bride holds a bouquet

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We all miss travel, and people and friends, and doing actual things that involve standing less than six feet from other humans without a face covering.

But experts in the science and medical community are telling us not to, at least for the time being. So that’s why those who are in the public eye who partake in maskless celebrations get duly roasted.

The latest politician to be COVID shamed is Steve Chirico, mayor of Naperville, Illinois.

Last weekend, Chirico apparently attended his daughter’s wedding in Naples, Florida, and even posted a picture smiling ear to ear maskless with a group of other nonmasked folks, including one child.

Who brought his pandemic-related misdeeds to light? The mayor’s very own niece, who was either not invited, or just decided not to go.

“I can’t believe I have to say this but if you are HAVING A WEDDING THIS WEEKEND WITH UNMASKED PEOPLE IN ATTENDANCE something is wrong with you!!!!” blasted food blogger Kristen Chirico of the controversial snap of her uncle.

As the post quickly spread, many commenters were surprised the journalist would rat out her own family.

“I actually don’t need to protect these people, because they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong,” she fumed. “Maybe they’ll be mad but also maybe we might save some lives so I’m willing to roll the dice on this.”

A Naperville woman Holly Hootman retweeted Chirico’s rant with the snap in question and called him out because he recently proposed a mask mandate.

The mayor later sent out a statement defending his actions.

“My family and I all took COVID tests and tested negative prior to traveling to Florida this weekend for my daughter Jenna’s wedding,” it said. “It was an outdoor wedding and reception with a total of 53 guests. Upon my return to Naperville, I will be quarantining and testing again.”

It was unclear the following Monday if Chirico or any guests had since tested positive for coronavirus. Florida’s Department of Health confirmed 6,659 additional cases, pushing the Sunshine State closer to the one-million mark.

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