Mamata Banerje extends Pujo gift to professionals working with Webel, WTL, agency-engaged IT staff

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], October 16 (ANI): Information Technology (IT) professionals working in Webel, WTL, agency-engaged IT staff will now be directly engaged as contractual staff of the West Bengal government, along with a host of other benefits, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said here on Friday.

“Bengal is known for its e-governance and today I’m pleased to announce my Pujo gift for young IT personnel working to improve our e-services for the people of Bengal. Webel/WTL/agency-engaged IT staff in state govt shall now be directly engaged as contractual staff of GoWB,” said the Chief Minister, calling it her ‘Pujo gift’ for young IT prfofessionals in the state.

Benefits include 30 days leave, 10 days of medical leave annually, along with the usual medical leave.

Banerjee also announced tenure certainty till the age of 60 and Rs 3 lakh as a terminal benefit on turning 60, along with coverage of medical expenses under Swasthya Sathi.

“They will also get 30 days leave and 10 days medical leave annually along with usual maternity leaves for women. They’ll have tenure certainty till 60 years age and get Rs 3 lakh on attaining 60 years as terminal benefit. Further, Swasthya Sathi will cover their medical expenses,” she added. (ANI)

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