Oregon WBB’s Kelly Graves on coach fashion: “You don’t want to go all ‘Wayne Tinkle’”

The NBA bubble has brought an important topic of conversation to the table: coach fashion.

The bubble allowed for coaches and their staff to sport a polo rather than a full suit and tie on game days, which is the rule. The temperature inside an NBA arena, especially down on the court, combined with yelling and a rapid heart rate can call for some serious perspiration during the game. Just ask Oregon State men’s basketball head coach Wayne Tinkle, who went viral for ‘pitting out’ in a light blue long sleeve button up during a game:

Luckily, Oregon women’s basketball head coach Kelly Graves, who considers himself a fashion trendsetter, offers up some advice for his friend 45 minutes North on the I-5 freeway.

“We call that Jordan, ‘Going Wayne Tinkle’. You don’t want to go all ‘Wayne Tinkle’. I can say that because I love the guy. I coached his daughter Elle at Gonzaga. 

Go with a dark shirt and you’re good to go big guy.

Oregon women’s basketball coach Kelly Graves

Watch more in the video above.

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The fashion guru himself consistently sports an Oregon polo, black slacks and some sweet Nike shoes. In his mind, his number might be called on at any moment and he wants to be ready.

“I am a fashion trendsetter there’s no question about that,” said Oregon head coach Kelly Graves on the latest Talkin’ Ducks. “Come on man, we’re Oregon and we set the trends down here. It just makes it so much more comfortable, believe me. Everything is done for you and we get a chance to show off our great Nike gear especially those shoes.”


Every coach I talk to after we play them, they always comment on our casual attire and I say, ‘Well, you guys should do it!’ And a few have here and there but they stick with the old jacket and tie. When you dress comfortably, you feel like you can be out there in a defensive stance. 

Oregon women’s basketball coach Kelly Graves

These might be the shoes Graves is talking about:

When all is said and done, you won’t see Graves ‘pitting out’ on the sidelines.

Listen to the Talkin’ Ducks Podcast here.

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