Parent to Parent: Gift ideas for nieces and nephews of all ages | Parenting

Q • We’re a couple married almost four years but do not have children. My husband served in the military and we have moved quite a bit. We have plenty of nieces and nephews of all ages, but we don’t live near any of them. We’re hoping to get some gift suggestions for Christmas. There’s a lot of stuff to choose from.

From a reader • We have nine kids, and books are their thing. Here are some that they love: “Not Quite Snow White,” by Ashley Franklin, about a bubbly little girl, Tameika. She captures your attention and brings you into the story. She has a “believe in yourself” attitude and expresses that no matter who you are you can succeed.

“Lizard From the Park,” by Matt Peet, is a book that has twists and turns to keep kids hooked. A little boy, Leonard, finds an egg in the park. He has a fun-filled afternoon with his special egg and then out pops a not-so-ordinary lizard.

“Dactyl Hill Squad,” by Daniel José Older, is a great tween read. It’s a fast-paced story filled with emotion. There’s a ton of dinosaur action and adventure.

“My Life in the Fish Tank,” by Barbara Dee, is a good read for middle school aged kids but is also a great family discussion book as it addresses mental illness in a way that a child can process and relate to and is quite educational for siblings and others.

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